Debacle on Long Island

There are a lot of things you could say about last night’s game. The best thing you can do, however, is laugh. It is the best medicine. In the end, this was just another loss for the Penguins. Laugh at the Islanders. After all, they’re well on their way to a fourth straight last-place division finish.

The Isle got “revenge” on the Pens Friday, supposedly for Brent Johnson’s TKO of Rick DiPietro and Max Talbot’s KO of Blake Comeau the last time the teams met. What was New York’s idea of revenge? Apparently, it consisted of Matt Martin trying to “Bertuzzi” Talbot at center ice. When that wasn’t enough, thug Trevor Gillies charged Eric Tangradi from behind, sending the rookie head first into the glass. Not satisfied with that cheap shot, Gillies proceeded to strike the down-and-out Tangradi, then mocked and taunted him as he received medical attention. Stay classy, Trevor.

As this scene was playing out, minor-league goon Michael Haley exacted further revenge on Talbot before skating down the ice to take on Johnson. Yeah, that’s right – Haley opted to fight a goalie. Pens enforcer Eric Godard had seen enough mayhem at this point and decided to join the fray. Unfortunately, he had to leave the bench to do so, an act that will cost him 10 games.

Even more ridiculousness broke out before the game mercifully ended, hopefully with no major Pittsburgh injuries. I’m not going to waste my time or yours by detailing the penalties and game misconducts, but suffice to say this was a game that got completely out of hand – more so than any Pens game I can ever recall.

New York – once again languishing in last place in the division and third-worst in the NHL – took advantage of a tired, understaffed Pittsburgh squad that was a night removed from a hard-fought OT win against a quality opponent. Johnson was a sieve, and the Isle took a 6-0 lead before turning the game into a no-holds-barred brawl. So, let us offer congratulations to New York for what I’m sure will be the highlight of yet another lost season. They won the game, scored 9 goals and…well, that’s about it.

Here’s some of the madness.

  • Pat

    Isles seemed to not like the way they were laughed at after the DiPietro TKO. Pens, and their fans, have had a holier than thou attitude since the cup win. The Pens have been struggling with injuries recently, a bug that has passed them over the last few years. So the Isles took advantage, and while they arent a top team in the league, this is one of those games they can build off of as a young team. They stood up for their goalie and Comeau with a vengence.

    • Bill Mayer

      Good points, Pat. If you couldn’t tell, I was a little bitter about the game. I get what the Islanders were doing, just thought they could have gone about it a little better. Gillies’ actions were uncalled for, I thought. It will be interesting to see if the Isle can build off this.

  • Tom

    The Pens got exactly what they deserved. The players (and the fans) had a lot of fun at the Islanders expense last week. What comes around, goes around.

    • Bill Mayer

      That seems to be the overwhelming sentiment. There will be no sympathy for the Pens. I’ll add that I highly doubt any member of the team would have been laughing if they knew at the time how badly injured DiPietro was.

  • Dave

    The league did nothing to Talbot for his hit on Comeau so the Isles took matters in their own hands, good for them. Johnson is 6″ taller than DiPietro so he at least stood up for himself. Notice no Islander jumped the boards to come to DP’s rescue. However, Goddard went third man in on the Isles yesterday. So Bill, tell us again what was uncalled for? Watch the tape on the Gillies incident. He was hit illegally and the Penguin player got hurt, Gillies just didn’t know until he landed a few punches. Also, Gillies was not taunting him from the runway, he was telling that guy he was hit high in the head and he just reacted. So stop trying to defend the Penguins as they brought this on themselves. For all their talent, they have plenty of cheap players who deserved a pounding. Nice of the Isles to take care of them.

    • Matthew

      Gillies wasn’t taunting him?

      What does 7:45 on look like?

      It’s ridiculous that you’d even write that.

      Gillies needs to be suspended until my grandchildren have grandchildren.

      • Bob

        Why would it even matter if Gillie’s was taunting him? The Penguins players did it to the Islanders last week. Live by the sword….. you know the rest.

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