Watch Me Grow a Bad Playoff Beard

Me, almost completely clean-shaven on April 12.

It’s go time. To get in the spirit of the playoffs I’ve decided to attempt the whole beard-growing ritual that’s so prevalent among NHL players and crazy fans. I know why the players do it, but why do we? Is it because we feel it takes us closer to our team? Do we think it makes us more a part of the playoff experience, in all its awesome glory? Or is it because it gives us an excuse to be lazy and put the razor away for a while? 

Whatever it is, I’m in. I shaved late Tuesday night down to some chin stubble. Sorry, I got to have something. How long will I last? If history serves, probably not too long. The question is, what will cause me to quit first? 1.) My wife; 2.) general discomfort; 3.) embarrassment from the patchy mess I’m about to unleash on our faithful readers; 4.) an early exit by the Pens. I’ll go with anything but 4. Please, not 4. I’ll check back with my progress next Wednesday.

I recommend reading Too Many Men on the Site’s post devoted to playoff beards. You can find it here. For those interested in hearing the other side’s take on this first-round series, click here. Keara Dowd of Bolts by the Bay likes the Lightning in 7.

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