Penguins Lose On The Stat Sheet, But Win Game

Adams Celebrates After Goal

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The Capitals led the game in hits, face off wins and take aways but lost on the scoreboard.    Yes I know, there is more to it than that.    I watched the game just like everyone else in Pittsburgh and the Pens played that game in a grind em out and dirty fashion, and won ugly.      This is a team that in the last couple of years could not win that way.      

Craig Adams scored first in the first period, followed by a Chimera of the Capitals in the Second period, then Kris Kunitz scored the game winner at the 2:36 mark in the third period.     In between all of that, Ovechkin played with more passion than he has been played with  all season, but that did not equate into a goal for the Caps.    In fact, he only got 1 shot off to go along with his 10 hits.      Yes, he played with more passion, and vigor, but this guy is supposed to fire pucks and score goals.     And he just is not doing that.

On the other hand, Sid did not score a point either but played much better than Ovie, differently, but better.      If anyone had the opportunity to listen to Mathew Barnaby today on ESPN, he made an amazing claim.     He said that Sid is the best player in Hockey…by far!    Matter in fact, he went as far as saying that he is the best 5 players in hockey and that Ovechkin is not even close.

The 20 year old Defenseman that the Pens brought up yesterday,Simon Despres, got an assist on the Kunitz goal that ended up being the game winner.    It was first reported that he got 2 assists, but later 1 was taken away.    Hunter’s second game as the Capitals coach,  has  yielded  the same result with 2-1 losses.    Some are wondering if he is a good fit for this team.     Only time will tell.


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