Concussions In Hockey, Something Has to Change

Something needs to change in Hockey so we can all enjoy the greatest players in the game.     And not to mention, some of the greatest athletes in the world.

There are currently over 20 head related injuries in the game that we know of.     Hockey teams do not need to disclose those injuries, so you have an additional 15 or so more UPPER BODY INJURIES.     It’s insane.

Barry Melrose from ESPN said that Hockey is currently doing more than any other sport when it comes to head injuries.     He talked about new equipment including pads and helmets being tested by a few players here and there.     That is fine, and will probably help a little.     I have a better suggestion.

I want to take some cash out of the pockets of the owners.     No, not to fine them, to make one major adjustment.      Any guesses…come on….you gotta have a guess.     I would take out the first 2 to 3  rows of seats in every arena, and expand the ice.     Players are bigger, faster, stronger and better than they ever have been.    They need more room.   If you have ever watched some old footage of a Hockey game back in the 60’s,  looks like they are playing on a football field. It was huge compared to what it looks like now.    That has everything to do with the size of the players, and the greed of the owners.

This could get done with little trouble.   I realize some of the older arena’s are harder to reconfigure and the newer ones were built for maximum dollar potential.     But can we all agree that without the stars of today and tomorrow, this is really not a sport with growth potential.      Besides, Olympic ice is bigger, and the game is played with more skill on the Olympic sized rink.      Here is the LINK to the Dimensions.

Trust me, this will go a long way in making this a much safer game.      Skill levels will be raised and will be displayed as apposed to seeing everyone on top of each other.      I know this is not a new idea, but along with changing helmets and padding, this could be what will change Hockey for the Good!      The alternative is, we could watch Hockey without the Giroux’s or the Crosby’s of the world.

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