Pens Go Down In New Jersey

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The Pittsburgh Penguins were looking for some redemption after the game against Philly on Thursday as they took on the Devils, but all they seemed to come up with is more of the same.     Pens lose 3-1.

Chris Kunitz scored the Penguins lone goal midway through the 3rd period to make the game 2-1.     That was all the closer they were going to get.    The Penguins out shot the Devils 30-21 and Fleury played very well from the second period on.     Fleury really was the only reason the Penguins stayed in the game.

Ilya Kovalchuk got the scoring started off first with a Penalty shot at the 14:43 minute mark in the first period.    Then the Penguins did the one thing you should never do as a hockey club.     Never give up a goal in the last minute or first minute of a period.     Well, with less than 20 seconds left in the first period, Clarkson scored to make it 2-0.     It was not an empty netter, but because New Jersey was on the Power Play they were working the puck around nicely, and with a couple of quick passes, it left the net basically unattended.     The Devils out shot the Penguins in that first period 10-9.     That was the last period that happened, but it did not matter.   New Jersey had scored enough at that point to win the game.

The Penguins out shot the Devils in that second period 12-5.   They also out chanced them, but they could not get the puck passed Mary Brodeur.   Malkin was kept under wraps for most of the game with 6 shots.      Neal set up Malkin for a terrific one timer opportunity in that second period, but it was not to be, Malkin misfired and the puck went behind the net.     That you could say has been the story of the last couple of games.    Plenty of Opportunities, but they are just not taking advantage of them.    And on defense and special teams, the Pens are just not playing as well as they need to in order to play with the more talented teams in the league.

The Penguins have almost a week off to rest as they do not play again till Friday when they face the Rangers again.

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