May 1, 2013; Pittsburgh, PA, USA; Pittsburgh Penguins fans react as the Pens are introduced before the game against the New York Islanders in game one of the first round of the 2013 Stanley Cup playoffs at CONSOL Energy Center. The Pittsburgh Penguins won 5-0. Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Report: Nielsen Ranks Pens' Fans No. 1 in NHL


The Pittsburgh Penguins are one of the most successful franchises in all of sports – but they’re nothing without their fans.

According to the team’s website, Nielsen – a global information and measurement company – ranked the Pens’ fan base number one via their “Year in Sports Media Report” for 2013.

Collecting data throughout the year, Nielsen reported that 54% of the population either viewed, attended, or listened to the Pittsburgh Penguins – a full 6% over the next NHL squad (Buffalo Sabres).

Seemingly selling out game-to-game, the CONSOL Energy Center is hardly ever vacant, and that’s due to the terrific Pittsburgh’ fan base.

Back in September, the Pens were ranked the best NHL franchise by ESPN The Magazine’s ‘Ultimate Standings’ fan survey.

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  • Pivot

    The Pens are gonna flash their way to the playoffs and not know when to start playing playoff hockey. Just like the last few seasons. If Shero is smart. He’ll sure up his defensive depth. He won’t. He will do what he does every year and add a top line forward to stock his top 9 just like with Iginla & Morrow last season. Why did he need both of those forwards last year? Real dumb move. He trades for Doug Murray though? Big and slow. If Murray could skate, that’s a good addition. However, he could not and he proved it in the Islander series. He should try to add a shutdown defenseman before the deadline and trade Fleury for another goaltender. Maybe see if Buffalo would trade Miller and a pick or prospect for Fleury. He’s a solid goalie but the pressure is too much for him.
    The Pens fans are great because the Pens are at the top of the conference for the entire season. Easy to sell out an arena when you win most nights. They aren’t an “Original 6″ team so they have a long time before they can be the best fans in the NHL. 1926 guys.

    • Richard A. Vogt

      Your Rangers are no more relevant in the conference than Pittsburgh, Philly, Boston or anyone else. “Original 6″ my rectal canal. You’ve won 1 cup in your lifetime and you’re nothing more than a speed bump for whoever represents the conference in the finals so be quiet. And by the way genius, isn’t selling out the arena a contributing factor in maintaining a successful franchise?

      • Pivot

        You have to win to draw fans. The Pens have done that at least in the regular season. With all that talent on that team they should have more than one single cup in 09′. All the regular season success won by the Pens one would think they’d have 2 or 3 finals appearances. If not for personnel blunders by Shero, they might have. The Penguins are a young team still. If they were a proud “Original 6″ team like the Rangers are, they’d point that out in any debate just as I am now.
        The Rangers are a major market and didn’t have the luxury of a full on rebuild. The Rangers need to keep butts in the seats and cannot finish last for 2-4 years while building through top 5 draft picks. They had to do it over 10 seasons by reshaping the prospect pool while fielding a competitive team. Pittsburgh is a tiny city compaired to NY. We have been around since 1926. There’s no way Pittsburgh can have a bigger fan base than NY. Which spans the entire globe. You see NYR jerseys & hats all over the world. Can’t say that about the Pens. I think the Rangers are much more than a speed bump this year. IMO they will be a full road block with the best goalie in the world in Hank Lundqvist. Able to steel a series on his own. A top 3 blue line in the NHL with McDonagh-Giradi-Staal-and Strahlman. The Rangers have 3 scoring lines and use all 4 lines effectively. The Pens couldn’t handle that 3rd line in the last game. A 4-3 NYR win in which the Rangers held a big lead in possession stats like Fenwick & Corsi events at 5 on 5. If not for the PP that would have been a blowout. The Pens have the best PP in the NHL but they need to win games at even strength. They don’t have the bottom 6 players or leadership for that. “Rectal Canal”. Lmao!

        • Richard A. Vogt

          A well thought out response Pivot and I appreciate that. I didn’t compile those ratings. As an “Original 6″ team I was surprised to learn the Rangers have 4 Cups in 88 years. 4 Cups in 88 years….I’ll let that sink in a while. The Rangers, in 4 playoff series vs Pittsburgh have rolled to a 4-16 record. Not quite good enough to even win one of those playoff matches. You may have the bigger city but the numbers that matter show the Rangers come up small. I suspect a bit of jealousy fueled your “original” post. Here’s hoping the teams meet again this year in the post season. I’ve been to MSG several times and have been treated well so I’ve got no axe to grind with Ranger fans. Now the Flyers…..that’s a team we both can hate.

          • Pivot

            How many Cups do the Pens have in their history anyway? 3! Never know. It could be a long dry spell after that. The Hawks had good teams but went 34 years between championships. I wouldn’t Bragg. The Pens have a long way to go before they’re in the class of the first six teams.
            Rangers, Hawks, Wings, Leafs, Habs, and the Bruins. Those teams have the greatest fan bases. Boston likely right now. Tho I hate them too. They have had the most success of the O6 teams and won a cup in recent past. The Rangers are the most well know NHL team in the world. Pitt cannot say that. People internationally might know Crosby or Malkin but they don’t know the Pittsburgh Penguins.

          • Richard A. Vogt

            4-16 in the playoffs vs. the Pens. Stings doesn’t it bro? Nothing further your honor!!

          • Jaywezzie

            Rangers. Will never see a Stanley cup ever again because of the organization

          • Pivot

            Never again? Ha! You’re forgetting there isn’t a larger market in the NHL than NY. We may not be contenders this year or maybe we are but with all the talent on the Pens. There should be 3 more cups than they won. They scored 2 goals in 4 games against Boston last year. The Rangers lost in 5 but did better than that. Never got shut out. Choke artists for skaters and a head case for a goalie. Don’t choke!

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