Staal The NHL’s Top PK Man?


On last night’s FSN telecast of the Pens/Oilers game, Paul Steigerwald said that Jordan Staal was the best penalty killer in the NHL.  Although I watch a lot of hockey, I am not qualified to feel one way or the other about this comment.

I am certainly aware that Staal is a stalwart on the PK.  So much so that on the rare occasion he is in the box my stomach hurts.

Who are the top killers on the league’s other teams?  Leave your answers in the comments.  I will also post on to see if I can elicit more reaction and then we will put it to a vote.

Pens and Canucks tomorrow.  Not sure how the team has felt about its Western Canadian swing, but I have really enjoyed watching them against teams they rarely play.

Don’t forget to enlighten me on the other 29 top PK-men of the NHL.