Want a Piece of the Igloo? It’ll Cost Ya


I always wanted stadium/arena seats for my game room. Thought it would add some ambience; thought it would be cool. Unfortunately, I don’t have a game room, and I don’t have a man cave (or whatever it’s referred to as these days). I have a corner of the basement – a ton of stuff and not enough storage space will do that. As a result, I have no need/room for arena seats. Even if I did, I certainly wouldn’t be willing to pay $495 for a pair of seats from the Civic Arena.

AssetNation is currently selling the seats – and a whole lot of other stuff – at their website. Looking for a turnstile? How about a concourse sign? Surely you want that Craig Patrick-signed Christmas ornament for the tree this year. Go here to view all the memorabilia…and their current bid prices. The seats can be purchased here.

Is $495 too much for a pair of old Civic Arena seats, historical relevance and coolness factor aside? I think so. Seems almost like price gouging to me, but I’m sure all the seats will be sold. And I’m sure those who purchase them will bolt the seats to their nice game-room floor, where they’ll sit uncomfortably and faithfully root for the Pens. Maybe I can visit sometime.