The Waiting game


The Pittsburgh Penguins are playing the same game as a few others right now.     It’s called the waiting game.    There is currently lots of speculation on where Zach Parise will end up, and I can tell you, the Penguins are currently hanging on with baited breath.      They are not alone though.    The same game is being played in Minnesota, Philadelphia, New Jersey, and Detroit.      And that is just for Parise!

Penguins fans are probably the ones that are anguishing the most.      Ray Shero has not put as much effort to bring in any other free agent as he has for Zach Parise.      So from his perspective, he has really done all that he can do.     We all know there are bigger deals out there for him, but I do not think any of them are as attractive as this one when it comes to talent on the team is surrounding him.

It has been tweeted and reported that Parise’s manager is saying there is still a chance he will announce tonight.      In my mind, it really comes down to 2 teams.      No, New Jersey, is not one of them.     Minnesota and Pittsburgh are the leaders in my estimation.      For those of you who have not been following, Parise is from Minnesota, and has a house there.     His Fiance lives there and so if he were to go to the Wild, it would be a homecoming.

Pittsburgh is the other option for my money also because of the money involved and the talent around him.       Not to mention his relationship with Sid.    That by no means puts the Pens in the lead, but I do not think it hurts.       The Money, although will not be as good as it would be in Philadelphia or Detroit, it would be in the ball park.

Detroit is working hard in making a play for both  Parise and Suter, as they have plenty of cap room and are perennial powers.    That said, they still have some age on that team which makes them less attractive in my mind.

And Philadelphia, well I think the Philly threw their hat in the ring just to try to block Pittsburgh.      Maybe that is the Conspiracty theorist in me, that is just my opinion.

As we continue to wait, I will update everyone as soon as the word comes down.    One way or the other.    If you would like to follow me on Twitter you can @sportsmonger and of Sports Monger Radio.