Ray Shero Spoke To The Media And Now It’s Time To Move On


Ray Shero met with the Media on Wednesday after the announcement of not getting the 2 biggest free agents.      And after he spoke, we found out that the Pens really were not in the running for either player.

Shero stated that the Penguins made a “very competitive offer” but he said it was clear by Tuesday, they were not even being considered.      When he was asked about it, this was his response.(Pittsburghpenguins.com)

"“Adding a guy like Parise or Suter would have been fantastic,” Shero said, “but we still have two First Team All-Stars coming back to add to our forward group in (Evgeni) Malkin and (James) Neal and adding Sidney Crosby. That’s a pretty good lineup already.”"

Shero also addressed the loss of Steve Sullivan.      He stated that they had talked about it and decided to move forward without him.    And as far as a plan to fill the hole that Zach parise would have filled, Shero stated that if a option does not appear in free agency, that they have always considered putting Tyler Kennedy in that role.    That said, Rick Nash from the Columbus Blue Jackets stated that he has interest in possibly joining the Pens.     And also, Alexander Semen also has expressed interest.      Who knows if any deals can come together, but that is an option that I am sure Ray Shero is considering.

Shero is considering the future of the franchise also.(pittsburghpenguins.com)

"“We have Fleury up in three years, Malkin up in two years, Letang up in two years,” Shero said. “Every team has to look at those snap shots and try to balance that salary cap as best they can.”"

I think at this point the GM is cautiously content as he moves forward.     He knows there is work to be done, but the free agents pool sparkled along the top, but was not very deep.     Once the big names were off the board, the talent drop off was not just substantial in most cases but also older.      Shero has one thing going for him right now that he did not before, and that is the fact that he has plenty of cap room and can make a move if one comes up.     That is something he has not had recently.

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