The Best Thing To Happen To The Pens, Is The Pittsburgh Pirates


With a lack of real movement in free agency for the Penguins this summer, not to mention the fact that fan favorite Jordan Staal not only wanted traded but was traded, one could consider this off season as tumultuous.      And it could have been a local headliner if it wasn’t for the summer’s number one draw…The Pittsburgh Pirates.

The Pirates have covered for both the Steelers and the Penguins locally.    More the Penguins, for they made a great many moves in hopes that they could make a huge splash in free agency.    Trading Staal and Michalek, the Penguins were poised for a big summer.    Instead, it turned into a summer flop, and would have led every local sports cast for weeks.     But not this summer.

As the Pirates continue to play well, the Penguins are afforded the opportunity to lay low.     The Pirates are a great story locally, and nice to see.   Especially for me, a life long Pirate fan.    They really have displaced the Typical Steeler and Penguin talk early in the summer.     Normally, the Bucs are out of it, but last season it started to turn around and this season, it looks like they are for real.    They could serve as real cover for both of these teams as they go through the summer.

Steelers training camp is only a few weeks away, and you don’t hear a thing.    The Penguins not only trade a key piece away, they also do not get the free agents they wanted so dear.     Both of these topics would have covered local talk show hosts, including myself, for weeks.    But not this year.    Only whispers, and back page stuff in the papers.

I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt, that the 2 biggest fans of the Pirates right now, are the Pittsburgh Penguins brass, along with the Rooney’s.    And we all know, it’s about time.

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