Pittsburgh Penguins Replace Team Doctor With UPMC Sports Medicine Founder


It’s the summer and the Pittsburgh Penguins are smack in the middle of a dead news time of the year.  That said, the team did make some news this past week.     The Penguins announced that they would be replacing their long time team Doctor in Dr. Charles Burke of 25 years.

The Penguins just announced  today that the new team doctor would be Dr. Christopher Harner, who is one of the Founders of the UPMC Center for Sports Medicine.      Dr. Burke oversaw the recovery of Sidney Crosby, and with that, one has to conclude that Sid’s situation may have had something to do with his removal.    And, as the Captain of the team, it is important for him to feel confident with the Medical staff, and if he does not, then the removal is justified.

Dr. Harner will be assisted by Dr. Tanya Hage-Internal Medicine and Dr. Dharmesh Vyas-Orthopedic Surgeon.

This week, we will kicking off a series of posts that will outline the bio’s of some of the young players you may be  seeing in the next season or two in a Penguins Uniform.    Stay Tuned!