Looking Ahead: 5 Games to Watch For in the Pittsburgh Penguins’ Opening Month


The beginning of the 2014-15 season is nearly here and the Pittsburgh Penguins have quite the opening month ahead of them, filled with some formidable foes, some old rivals, and an awkward reunion with one of the team’s former key players.

Here are 5 October games to mark on your calendar:

105. <p class=. Home. October 9th, 2014. Pitt vs Anaheim Ducks. 1. player

<p>The Pens and the Isles always put forth an interesting game when they meet, but this season will mark a new phase in the rivalry as Islanders centre <a href=. Home. October 18th, 2014. Pitt vs New York Islanders. 2. player. 106

Pitt vs Philadelphia Flyers. 3. player. 68. <p>This one is sure to be a memorable affair. The fireworks between these two clubs have been well-documented (most notably between captains <a href=. Home. October 22nd, 2014

Away. October 25th, 2014. Pitt vs Nashville Predators. 4. player. 151. <p>The Penguins head to Nashville near the end of the month to give two players an early chance to face their former clubs. Predators forward <a href=

67. <p>The Pens finish out the first month of the season the same way they started it – by facing a Western powerhouse from California that will take a strong game to bypass. The only difference here is that the Kings will be coming to town after having just won their second Stanley Cup in three years. If the Pens are looking for a measuring stick to judge their first month of the season against, this game is it. Los Angeles will suit up a roster that is almost identical to the one that dominated throughout the playoffs last year and thus, the Pens will get an early look at what it will take to knock off the reigning champs. If all goes well during Pittsburgh’s first month in terms of acclimating to the new system and demonstrating a newly found sense of team toughness, the Pens should stack up well against the Kings. If not, this one is going to serve as quite the reality check.</p>. Home. October 30th, 2014. Pitt vs Los Angeles Kings. 5. player

It certainly looks like the Penguins will start the year off in an eventful fashion. Which game are you most excited to watch in the Penguins’ opening month?