Pittsburgh Penguins Weekly Roundup: Geno’s Streaking, Special Teams are Rolling

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4. The powerplay is (still) unbelievable

It’s been discussed time and time again but considering how insanely good the Pens’ powerplay is looking right now, it is deserving of endless praise for the time being.

Through the early part of the season, Pittsburgh’s powerplay is scoring at an absurdly high rate of 41.9%. No other club in the league is coming close to them in that department, as the next highest total sits at 29%.

Last year’s highest powerplay percentage (also from the Penguins) was a mere 23.4%. The year before that, it was Washington’s 26.8%. Before that? Nashville’s 21.6%.

The NHL record for the best powerplay in history came from the 1977-78 Montreal Canadiens who posted a 31.88%.

It is rare that a team will even get into the high 20’s. The fact that the Pens are connecting above 30% is impressive. The fact that they’re above 40% is historic.

While it is still very very early and Pittsburgh is unlikely to remain above 40% for the entirety of the season, the manner in which they’re scoring on the man-advantage suggests the Pens’ current powerplay could still finish as one of the best in a long, long time.

The goals aren’t coming from blind luck and shaky goaltending. Rather, they’re the result of better decision-making, smarter strategy, and the maximizing of the Pens’ elite skill.