Pittsburgh Penguins Weekly Roundup: Borts is a Beast, Bennett is Too Much

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2. The penalty kill is breaking records now too.

While the Penguins powerplay has been discussed ad nauseam due to its absurd success rate as of late, the team’s penalty kill has now risen to historic heights as well.

Pittsburgh has managed to kill off 37 consecutive shorthanded opportunities, refusing to allow a single powerplay goal against them in 10 games. Their effort has set a new franchise record and has made their PK the third-best in the league.

The Penguins’ special teams are simply on another level this year. While things change with the ebb and flow of the season, the team is looking strong across the board right now. If they can keep up their dominance on the powerplay and penalty kill come playoff time, it’s hard to see Pittsburgh going home empty handed come June.