Pittsburgh Penguins Weekly Roundup: Borts is a Beast, Bennett is Too Much

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4. Kunitz is reaching a new level…again

Despite the fact that he recently celebrated his 35th birthday, Chris Kunitz continues to get better and better every year.

After rising from being Crosby’s sidekick to being an Olympic gold medalist in his own right, Kunitz has progressed even further this year into an elite goal-scorer. Through 13 games thus far, he’s also the most efficient goal-scorer in the league.

Kunitz currently sits at 8 goals and has potted those 8 in only 28 shots – good for a league-best shooting percentage of 28.6% (tops among legitimate shooters, i.e. those who have over 10-15 shots)

After posting a career-high 35 goals last season, Kunitz has showed no signs of slowing down and is on pace to tally an even higher number in 2014-15. Considering the calibre of his linemates and the success of the Penguins’ electric powerplay, it is not out of the question to think he could be a 40-goal scorer this season.