Pittsburgh Penguins Offseason Poll: What Would Your Priority Be This Summer?

The locker room cleanout is completed for the Pittsburgh Penguins, and talks of where this team fell short have started. Of course, a lot of these conversations began prior to the team’s playoff elimination, but here we are, wondering what comes next.

As I wrote here, I don’t feel that this team needs a complete overhaul as some do. And, while he is very responsible for some of the team’s struggles this season, General Manager Jim Rutherford put the Pittsburgh Penguins in a pretty good place salary cap-wise.

It’s almost a guarantee at this point that Paul Martin and Christian Ehrhoff will not return next season. Those two salaries alone will provide the Pittsburgh Penguins with $9 million in cap space. And, while it’s hard to replace a guy like Paul Martin, Ehrhoff didn’t play enough this season to say that we’ll miss his presence for that salary.

With a multitude of other players also coming off the books, there are a lot decisions to be made for this roster. And, that’s a good thing. Rutherford handed out a lot of one-year deals that now have the Pittsburgh Penguins in a spot where they can once again analyze and retool this roster.

For all intents and purposes, we’ll assume that the Pittsburgh Penguins will have a healthy Pascal Dupuis, Kris Letang, and Olli Maatta next season. Also, keep in mind that they will likely have Kasperi Kapanen and Oscar Sunqvist on the roster with the big club, as long as development goes as planned this summer.

So, given this team’s current state, where are your priorities this summer? Are you blowing up the core and starting over? Firing the staff? Or, are you pretty calm right now and believe that with minor tweaks the Pittsburgh Penguins can be competitive again?

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