Pittsburgh Penguins Trade Grades: Assessing Each Transaction in 2014-15

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Grade: C-

It was clear that Daniel Winnik was a major focal point for the Pittsburgh Penguins as they neared the trade deadline. And, I was fairly happy with what Winnik offered throughout the remainder of the regular season. He was exactly what I expected in a sound defensive forward.

Winnik fell victim to the same thing as many other Penguins and he was launched into roles that he isn’t suited for. Injuries forced him into the top-six and he simply couldn’t hang with the high-end talent up top. He isn’t built to play alongside Sidney Crosby.

While I’m not as disappointed in Winnik as most Pens fans, I will admit that he had a horrid playoff series. But, the reason I only graded this a C- is due to once again mortgaging the future for what is likely a rental. I like Daniel Winnik. Though, I’d like him a lot more if he didn’t cost us two draft picks, one of which being a second-round selection next summer.