Pittsburgh Penguins Trade Grades: Assessing Each Transaction in 2014-15

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Grade: F-

F- is a thing, right? In this case, it should be.

I did my best to buy-in when Jim Rutherford spoke highly of Ben Lovejoy after this acquisition. Statements such as, “he’s a completely different player than his last run with Pittsburgh”, and “we’re adding experience for a long playoff run” were spewed from members of the organization and media alike.

But, what it boils down to is that Simon Despres played important minutes on a team that lost in game seven of the Western Conference Final. Not only did he play important minutes, but he played very well.

Lovejoy, on the other hand, looked lost in the playoffs having to play more significant minutes. Where was the benefit of “experience”?

I’m not one of the folks that claim Simon Despres is a game changer and would have boosted the Pittsburgh Penguins through the first round. I simply believe that we gave up a very good, young defenseman in exchange for a bottom-pairing, average defenseman on the downside of his career.

This isn’t all on Rutherford either. The pro scouts for the Pittsburgh Penguins deserve some accountability here. This could go down as one of the five worst trades in Pens history. Ok, maybe that’s a little harsh. Or, maybe not?