Pittsburgh Penguins Are Evgeni Malkin’s Team


Sidney Crosby may wear the “C” for the Pittsburgh Penguins, but clearly, Evgeni Malkin is the true leader for the Penguins.

Malkin in Control

When Pittsburgh’s season was teetering, forcing them to face each other in a closed door meeting, it was a fiery Geno that addressed the room and the media, knowing full well they should and can be better than they were.  It wasn’t his words that inspired the team, it was what he did on the ice. 8 goals, 13 points in a span of 7 games since then.  He’s been on a tear, if he’s not doing it all himself, he’s making his linemates look good too, giving them room to work and a boost to play alongside him.

Geno for MVP

Without Geno (and arguably Fleury) this season wouldn’t be nearly as successful as it is.  Geno, despite the defensive-minded system head coach Mike Johnson is insistent on playing, has risen above it, breathed life into the dismal power play, and put forth an MVP worthy individual effort.  He’s overcome an offensive stifling system with sheer Geno force.  The man is like a rhino on a rampage, nothing will stand in his way.

Abundance of Leadership

Geno is showing the same driven leadership he has in the past.  Typically, we saw this kind of leadership from Malkin when Crosby was out with an extended injury.  He’d step in and push this team like no other player could.  It only makes sense that during a down year for Crosby, that Geno step up and step in while Crosby tries to find his game.  Whatever is afflicting Crosby doesn’t appear to rub off on Geno, who finds ways to elevate his game, dragging the team with him.

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Trade Malkin

Every year, like clockwork, unfounded rumors fly around internet, spouted by crazy people and trolls, and once again we’re here.  Trade Geno.  What?!  It’s the single most insane thing I’ve heard.  Trade the guy who’s persistence and tenacity are keeping the Penguins in the hunt.

How would that help the team in any way, shape, or form?  Who cares what sort of “king’s ransom” pundits think they might get in return, it wouldn’t be worth anywhere near what Malkin’s actually worth.  Nothing they get back in return would be worth the otherworldly talent that Geno is showing right now.

Through his game on the ice and the spirited interviews off the ice, Geno’s heart and love for this team shines through each night.