Pittsburgh Penguins Are Whiners? The Five Biggest Tantrums Of John Tortorella’s Career

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It’s not the first time Torts has levied these accusations against the Pens.

“It’s one of the most arrogant organizations in the league,” said Tortorella. “They whine about this stuff all the time and then look what happens.”

Tortorella was referring to former Pittsburgh Penguins Brooks Orpik‘s knee-to-knee hit on Derek Stepan.

“It’s a cheap, dirty hit. I wonder what would happen if we did it to their two whining stars over there. I wonder what would happen,” Tortorella said.

While the hit was certainly pretty brutal looking, it’s not like John Tortorella’s Rangers teams were never caught hitting someone illegally during his tenure.

That Carl Hagelin elbow occurred a mere week and two days after Tortorella’s complaints.

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