Pittsburgh Penguins Are Whiners? The Five Biggest Tantrums Of John Tortorella’s Career

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Then there’s Tortorella’s most recent complaint after forward Brandon Dubinsky was suspended by the NHL for one game for this cross-check on Sidney Crosby.

“You know what? It is, what it is,” Tortorella told reporters. “We’re not going to whine here. Pittsburgh can whine. Pittsburgh whines enough for the whole league, so there’s no room for any other team to whine.”

That is a pretty forthright statement. Very interesting.

Mike Johnston, the Pittsburgh Penguins’ head coach at the time, also commented on the situation.

“When you look at it again, it looked bad to me when I saw it in-between periods,” he said.

He also gave his take again after Dubinsky’s suspension was announced. “I didn’t like the hit. I didn’t like the cross-check in the back of the [neck]. I think anytime you target the head, it should be a suspension. He got suspended, so I presume it was for the right time.”

That doesn’t sound very whiny to me. Perhaps it was a misunderstanding?

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