Pittsburgh Penguins: Top Ten Penguins To Hate In 2016

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Mike Sullivan

It is a pretty natural instinct to blame the coach for the struggles of your favourite team, especially one that is so loaded with talented players. I mean most of us have played enough of the EA Sports NHL franchise to know that its pretty darn easy to lead a team to victory, especially with 5-6 warm up games (which he has now used up).

So its put up or shut up time for Coach Mike.

But there’s a couple problems with hating on him…

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The Pittsburgh Penguins made a very smart front-office hire
The Pittsburgh Penguins made a very smart front-office hire /

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  • The entire Pittsburgh Penguins media conglomerate has, to this point, sung his praises as a brilliant, hard-ass coach that will push these players to bring out their best. He has had a commanding, impressive presence from the very beginning.

    The message has been that if this team still falters with Sullivan at the helm, it’s the players to blame, rather than the coach.

    How on Earth did this guy get to be so loved so easily?

    By having Wilkes-Barre go 12-3 to start the year? So what, he had what I’m pretty sure was the reincarnation of AHL Jesus Christ playing goalie for him. I’m pretty sure with my EA Sports NHL coaching experience I could have led the team to the same record.

    Regardless, with the way this guy is being portrayed in the media, it’s going to be tough to hate on him.

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