Pittsburgh Penguins: Keys to Game Against Oilers

EDMONTON, AB - MARCH 10: Connor McDavid
EDMONTON, AB - MARCH 10: Connor McDavid /

Sidney Crosby and the Pittsburgh Penguins are set to take on Connor McDavid and the Edmonton Oilers on Tuesday.

This game is set to be a big one for the Pittsburgh Penguins for obvious reasons. The two best players in the world are up against each other, but more importantly, an important two points are up for grabs.

Pittsburgh Penguins
Pittsburgh Penguins /

Pittsburgh Penguins

If we want to bounce back from our embarrassing 7-1 loss against the Tampa Bay Lightning on Saturday, we’re going to have to work hard and play our game and watch for some things. Here are three keys to the game in order to help us beat the Edmonton Oilers.

1) Don’t Let the Pressure Get to Us

This is a big game because of the narrative that forms around it. McDavid vs. Crosby. So many ranking for this season had McDavid overtaking Crosby as the new number one player in the league. Although Crosby should try to prove why he is still the best player in the league, he should not let this idea overwhelm him. Him and the whole team should stay composed and really just try to play their game.

2) Defence has to be Shaken Up

Our defence has really been shaky. Like I said in previous articles, we’ve let in at least three goals in every game except our one shutout against Nashville. Something’s not working, and I think it would be beneficial to shake up some pairings and get things going a bit here.

3) Crosby is Better

I know I just said that Crosby shouldn’t let the idea of the rankings overwhelm him, but it would also be nice to see it motivate him. If Crosby can have a big game while playing our game and being a team player, this game could be in our hands easily.