Pittsburgh Penguins Off Ice: Holiday video, All-Star votes

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Pittsburgh Penguins Off Ice is a collection of off-the-ice headlines and stories related to the Pens.

The Pittsburgh Penguins are coming off a 3 -2 win against Columbus Blue Jackets, and will host the Anaheim Ducks on Saturday. In the meantime, here are some highlights regarding what’s happening off the ice in Pittsburgh.

Christmas Video

The Pens put out their annual Christmas video this week. Every year the team releases a Christmas movie spoof. This year they tackled ‘A Christmas Story’.

Highlights definitely include Phil and Reaves starring as Mr. and Mrs. Parker. Non highlights include Sid taking a snowball to the face.

I mean we know his bones are made of glass, who thought it was a good idea to have the poster boy for concussions take one to the dome?

Nonetheless, the video is a lot of fun with a ton of awful acting. Click here to watch [Penguins Facebook]

All Star Game

Fans are able to vote for the All Star team captains up until January 1, 2018. Which ever player from each division has the most votes will serve as that team’s 3v3 captain.

Out of the Metro, it looks like Alex Ovechkin is going to run away with the honors.

On January 28th, it’s very possible only one Penguin will be representing the club. And that player will be Phil Kessel. He lead the team in every offensive category, and has been a constant in the volatile Pittsburgh offense.

Visit NHL.com and vote for Phil. Let’s see if we can get the two time Stanley Cup Champion an All-Star captaincy as well. [NHL.com]

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