Pittsburgh Penguins: What Would It Take To Get Tyler Bozak?

TORONTO, ON - APRIL 8: Tyler Bozak
TORONTO, ON - APRIL 8: Tyler Bozak /

The Pittsburgh Penguins are approaching the trade deadline with some holes to fill.

One hole that the Pittsburgh Penguins have had all season is a third-line centre. We had this issue heading into the season and although we acquired Riley Sheahan, the need has not seemed to change much.

Well one replacement option that has been popping is Tyler Bozak of the Toronto Maple Leafs. He is an efficient third-line centre that fit’s the checklist for exactly what we’re looking for. But is the value there and what can we do to acquire him?

Toronto Won’t Budge

Toronto has the strong belief that they are playoff contenders and as of now, they believe they have a strong chance to go far in the playoffs. This is why it will be hard for us to convince Lou Lamoriello to trade Bozak.

The Leafs most likely won’t be sellers, but buyers. If they truly think they’ll go far in these playoffs, they probably won’t want to trade away an important third line piece in Tyler Bozak. They’ll want his veteran experience and consistency to help lead their team through the playoffs.

So what does this mean for Pittsburgh?

Pittsburgh Penguins
Pittsburgh Penguins /

Pittsburgh Penguins

We’ll Need to Set Toronto Up

The Leafs will probably be looking for someone cheaper who can fill in the hole Bozak would leave immediately or help the Leafs in another needed area.

Although a high draft pick could entice the Leafs, the Leafs would want more, something like a strong prospect or a roster player right now. The prospect doesn’t have to be an A level prospect, but probably at least a B level prospect plus. But a roster player that fills Toronto’s needs can be a realistic trade.

Knowing this information, what could the Leafs offer?

Well we know the Leafs are lacking defence. One player that’s been brought up in trade rumours is Ian Cole. He fit’s Toronto’s bill, and there have been rumours about them showing interest in him early this season, but why hasn’t there been a deal?

Perhaps Toronto is holding out for someone else. Maybe Ian Cole isn’t their guy, but we need to convince them he is. I wouldn’t mind throwing in a conditional lower round draft pick in a package deal with Cole to try and pry Bozak away. Our time is running out as a contender this season, let’s fill up these holes.