Pittsburgh Penguins: Flipping Matt Hunwick

SAN JOSE, CA - JANUARY 20: Matt Hunwick
SAN JOSE, CA - JANUARY 20: Matt Hunwick /

The Pittsburgh Penguins are heading into the All-Star break and the trade deadline is not long after that.

The Pittsburgh Penguins are progressing well and holding on to a playoff spot. With some time for management to regroup, we should think about the players that we want moving forward.

We should also think about the players that we don’t want. One of these players that we may be looking to get rid of is Matt Hunwick. We signed him as a free agent this in the offseason and it may be a decision of regret.

Whether we keep him or trade him or even waive him, we need to figure something out.

Should Have Saw This Coming

If you look at Hunwick’s numbers and play from last season with the Toronto Maple Leafs, you can tell that he was the Leafs worst defenceman. Fans wanted him out last season and ultimately they didn’t resign him.

Last season was one of his best seasons despite the fact that he scored only one goal. Usually he’s a minus player and he doesn’t play the puck too well.

Pittsburgh Penguins
Pittsburgh Penguins /

Pittsburgh Penguins

He only has five points in 33 games and he is a -3 on the ice this season. When watching his play you can see his weaknesses as a defender. He is not strong with the puck and has a lot to improve on.

Being the worst defenceman on a subpar defensive unit in Torotno isn’t a good look, so you can really wonder why the Penguins wanted him to join our core. For depth reasons? Well he wouldn’t be sticking to our roster all season if that was the case.

Where Could He Go? What Could We Get For Him?

The market for Hunwick is quite thin. He just about makes the sixth defenceman slot on most team’s rosters, but then again most team’s have that slot filled. A team would probably want to add him for depth heading into the playoffs.

We know how bad Hunwick has been this season and I’m sure most of the league has realized this as well. Add in his heavier contract and his value decreases. He won’t fetch us a pretty penny but he may be able to get us something. I think the main idea is shedding his contract and starting new. Use that cap space and other assets to find a solid replacement.

Whatever the Penguins choose to do with him, I don’t think he’s worth holding on to. I would really try to flip him and start looking for a replacement ASAP.