Pittsburgh Penguins: The Big Three Have Been Clutch in 2018

PITTSBURGH, PA - FEBRUARY 06: Evgeni Malkin /

The Pittsburgh Penguins have picked things up ever since the new year started.

The first half of the season saw the Pittsburgh Penguins struggling a bit to rise in the standings. Our offence had been slower than usual and only Phil Kessel had been producing at a great rate. As time went on, we started to improve and we have finally found ourselves back amongst the top of our division.

A lot of credit has to go to our offence. They’ve really been pulling it together in this second half of the season. More specifically, the big three combo of Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin and Phil Kessel have really been putting in work recently. As per Shelly Anderson, the three have truly been ramping up their play since Jan. 1.

Pittsburgh Penguins
Pittsburgh Penguins /

Pittsburgh Penguins

Leading the Way

This post has just been a quick thought, but when I saw this stat I was amazed at how big of a difference these three superstars make. The first half of the season saw some early struggles. Other than Phil Kessel, Malkin and Crosby had struggled to find consistency for some time. Our offence has now turned this team around into a contender once again.

Now I’m not sure how long they can keep this hot streak up. Kessel and Malkin have risen to occupy the second and third scoring ranks in the entire league. All three of them have really led this team and a very big part of our success is because of them.

If they can keep this ridiculous play up for a couple more months (I’m praying they somehow can), I’m sure we’ll finish off very strong.