Who’s Who of the Pittsburgh Penguins Trade Rumor Circus

TAMPA, FL - APRIL 18: Mark Letestu
TAMPA, FL - APRIL 18: Mark Letestu /
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Not Happening

  • Tomas Plekanac (Montreal Canadiens, Center) [$6.0m, UFA] – The cost for Plekanac would have to be bargain-bin cheap to take on any of that contract. Even as a rental, even with some of it retained, the numbers just don’t add up.  With only 20 points in 55 games this year, this doesn’t seem like something the Penguins would be interested in even exploring.
  • Rick Nash (New York Rangers, Left Wing, Right Wing) [$7.8m, UFA] – It’s just not happening. He’s too expensive and will cost too much for the Penguins to acquire.
  • Tyson Barrie (Colorado Avalanche, Defense) [$5.5m, 2 years] – The Avalanche are unlikely to trade him, unless for big return, which eliminates the Penguins.
  • Erik Karlsson (Ottawa Senators, Defense) [$6.5m, 1 year] – Unless the Penguins are trading Kris Letang, this isn’t going to happen.
  • Oliver Ekman-Larsson (Arizona Coyotes, Defense) [$5.5m, 1 year] – See Barrie, Tyson.
  • Marc Staal (New York Rangers, Defense) [$5.7m, 3 years] – Not a need for the Penguins and too expensive.
  • Benoit Pouliot (Buffalo Sabres, Left Wing) [$1.15, UFA] – I’m not sure he brings much to the table in terms of filling the Penguin’s needs.
  • Mike Green (Detroit Red Wings, Defense) [$6.0m, UFA] – Likely heading back to DC or to Nashville, but Green is too expensive anyway, and not what the Penguins are looking for.
  • Alex Galchenyuk (Center, Left Wing, Right Wing)[$4.9m, 2 years] – Galchenyuk has struggled to find his place on the Canadiens. If available, he’ll be a hot commodity around the league. For the Penguins, that will price him even more outside of their reach this trade deadline.
  • Ryan McDonagh (New York Rangers, Defense) [$4.7m, 1 year] – See Staal, Marc.
  • Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, (Edmonton Oilers, Center) [$6.0m, 3 years] – As much as the Penguins would love RNH and could probably pry him away from Edmonton. It would take a severely reduced cost and a lot would have to happen to make it a reality.
  • Brandon Saad (Chicago Blackhawks, Left Wing, Right Wing) [$6.0m, 3 years] – While I’m pretty sure most of Pittsburgh would love to see the hometown boy return and play for the Penguins, the cost of both acquiring him and fitting him under the salary cap make this unlikely. Add into that a less than stellar showing this year, even seeing time on the fourth line in Chicago, this trade becomes less than ideal for the Penguins.
  • Zack Smith (Ottawa Senators, Left Wing)[$3.25m, 1 year] – Not the kind of the depth the Penguins are looking for this year and on a bad contract.
  • Mats Zuccarello, (New York Rangers, Right Wing) [$4.5m, 1 year] – Just not what the Penguins are looking for or can afford right now.
  • Jack Johnson, (Columbus Blue Jackets, Defense) [$4.357m, UFA] – Considering every Penguins fan would love to see Johnson give some payback physically to the Blue Jackets in the playoffs this year, Columbus is not trading him to Pittsburgh and he’s too expensive for the Penguin’s pockets.
  • Andrew Shaw, (Montreal Canadiens, Center, Right Wing) [$3.9m, 4 years] – With 19 points in 43 games, a long contract at a higher than hoped-for price, Shaw just wouldn’t fit into the Penguins plans this year or next.