Pittsburgh Penguins: Back in First and Things Are Looking Up

COLUMBUS, OH - FEBRUARY 18: The Pittsburgh Penguins celebrate with goaltender Tristan Jarry
COLUMBUS, OH - FEBRUARY 18: The Pittsburgh Penguins celebrate with goaltender Tristan Jarry /

The NHL Trade Deadline is nearly upon us and the Pittsburgh Penguins have been soaring through the standings.

After a solid 5-2 win over the Columbus Blue Jackets on Sunday, Pittsburgh Penguins fans were buzzing, not only because of the win, but because of the standing. Yes, it’s true, after a shaky season with a rough start, the Penguins recent hot streak has brought us right back to where we belong. First in the Metropolitan Division!

It’s been a long journey here. After dominating the league these last couple of seasons, it was quite a surprise to all of us to see the Penguins start off the season on the wrong note. Our spot in the division isn’t secured yet, but it definitely helps us in a lot of aspects.

Stress Relief

First off, finally reaching the top of the division relieves a lot of pressure for us. The Penguins were pegged in the beginning of the season as possible candidates to go for a three-peat. With all these exceptions surrounding us headed into the season, there was a whole lot of stress and pressure to succeed.

Pittsburgh Penguins
Pittsburgh Penguins /

Pittsburgh Penguins

We obviously didn’t start off that great right off the bat and there was some doubt around us. Now that we’re back on top, it’s safe to say we can calm down and relax a bit.

Trade Talks Relaxing

I’m also pretty sure our rise to the top will effect a number of trade rumours heading into the trade deadline. We are no longer considered a team that needs to fix our problems. I mean, yes, we still have holes, but our recent hot streak has hidden them quite well.

Maybe this is a good thing or maybe this is a bad thing. Who knows? We just have to hope we keep this consistency going until the end of the season.