Pittsburgh Penguins Will Play Washington Capitals in Second Round of 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs

PITTSBURGH, PA - FEBRUARY 02: Alex Ovechkin /

The Pittsburgh Penguins didn’t have a game on Monday night, but that didn’t stop their fate from being determined.

The Pittsburgh Penguins may not have played on Monday night, but our second round matchup had been set after the Washington Capitals defeated the Columbus Blue Jackets in 6 games to win their first round series.

The Washington Capitals were down 0-2 to the Blue Jackets but showed resilience to comeback and win 4 games straight. They’ll be hungry for a series win, but I know we’ll be hungrier.

History Has Our Backs

Pittsburgh Penguins
Pittsburgh Penguins /

Pittsburgh Penguins

The Penguins faced the Capitals in round 2 last playoffs, in which we won in 7 games. In fact, history has given the Penguins favour over the Capitals in previous years. In the rivalries entire history, the Penguins have beaten the Capitals in 9 out of 10 series. In the Crosby/Ovechkin era for both teams alone, the Penguins have beaten the Capitals in all 3 series. We have absolutely dominated the Capitals, we have been their kryptonite, and I am positive history will repeat itself.

The Capitals Have Struggled

This season’s Capitals are not the same Capitals of season’s past. I mean, we’re not the same Penguins, but we definitely are strong. These Capitals went 0-2 to the Blue Jackets in the first round. Although they came back to win four straight, it’s hard to deny the fact that they’ve hit bumps. We have to take advantage of this and find ways to win.