Pittsburgh Penguins Prospect Hospitalized After Bachelor Party Fire

According to TSN and multiple other reports, Pittsburgh Penguins prospect Jordy Bellerive, along with two others have been hospitalized after a fire broke out at a bachelor party in Calgary on Saturday.

The Pittsburgh Penguins put out a statement about the Lethbridge Hurricanes forward on Sunday morning following the incident, which supposedly occured after a fire broke out at a bachelor party.

The Penguins have been in contact with Bellerive and we can all hope that he recovers quickly. In a statement they also said:

“The Penguins ask for your thoughts and prayers for the continued recovery of Bellerive and Lethbridge Hurricanes teammate Ryan Vandervlis, and former teammate Matt Alfaro. Their health is our first priority. The team will not have any further information until more details are available.”

Along with BelIerive, junior teammate Ryan Vandervlis and former teammate Matt Alfarot were reported to have been taken to hospital as well. It was reported that at least one of the three were in our critical condition. Fortunately, The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette confirmed that it wasn’t Bellerive.

Bellerive was a prolific player and captain last season in the Western hockey league for the Lethbridge Hurricanes. He scored 46 goals and added 46 assists in just 71 games last season.

He signed a three-year entry level contract with Pittsburgh in September and is expected to work his way through the system.