Pittsburgh Penguins: Signing Conor Sheary to a long-term deal is a must

The upcoming Pittsburgh Penguins offseason is no joke. They have several UFA’s and RFA’s contracts to look at. Out of those, none of them are more significant than the one for Conor Sheary.

Conor Sheary’s stint away from Pittsburgh was somewhat short-lived. Now, just months after getting traded back to his old club, he’s up for a contract renewal. As of now, it is predicted that Sheary’s valuation is right around $2.56 million he finishes out his 3rd year of collecting $3 million.

After the 2017 season, he was signed to a three-year deal only to be traded and then traded back. If you need any hint as to if the Penguins should re-sign him or not, here you go. The Pens brought their old boy back but had to give up Dominik Kahun. You don’t give up a player like Kahun just to let the incumbent leave six months later.

Conor Sheary is currently 28 years old and has been steady at best, leaving the Pens no real reason to release him. In his time at Pittsburgh, he’s played in 192 games, contributed 97 points, and averaged just over 13 minutes a game on the frozen waters. Oh, and he has only gotten better each season. He is coming into his prime offensively, and sitting next to Crosby doesn’t hurt.

Pittsburgh Penguins: Signing Conor Sheary to a long-term deal is a must.

The Penguins and Mike Sullivan know precisely what they have in Conor Sheary. A reliable, teamwork minded winger that betters the team around him. Look at Buffalo before he left; he improved that woeful offense and Crosby and Guentzel enjoy having him around.

Sheary was also a part of back to back Stanley Cup years, where his presence was felt more in real-time than in statistics. With all of the cap space and other free agency drama looming about, it’s just smart money to sign him and get it over with. That way, the back office can focus on the nitty-gritty of the summer deals and not worry about signing this gem back.

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It may not be too critical, but he is married to Mike Sullivan’s niece. Sully won’t want to have a days of our lives moment in getting rid of his first-line winger and in-law. With Sheary signed, the Pens would  then have their first line secured for the foreseeable future and with loads of promise.

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