Pittsburgh Penguins by the numbers: Jason Zucker

Pittsburgh Penguins, Jason Zucker. (Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images)
Pittsburgh Penguins, Jason Zucker. (Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images) /

Fifteen games typically aren’t enough time to judge someone by. However, for this Pittsburgh Penguins winger, those games have been redefining moments in time.

After spending nine grueling years in Minnesota, Jason Zucker got the call that he was traded the Pittsburgh Penguins this past winter. Since arriving in Pittsburgh, he has turned a somewhat mediocre year, into somewhat of a resurgence for both he and the Pittsburgh Penguins.

In those fifteen games played, he has racked up six goals and six assists, giving him forty-one overall points for the year. He has been a model of consistency and growth in the NHL since his arrival in 2011. Every year his numbers have risen from the past, doing what is desired from any National Hockey League General Manager.

Another resurging stat for Zucker since his arrival on 5th avenue has been his ice time. When he left the Wild, he was playing just under 16 minutes a game. For the Pens, he’s been grinding out games playing just shy of 18 minutes per game. His style of play and confidence in his new home has earned him more playing time and has better the players around him.

Pittsburgh Penguins by the numbers: Jason Zucker

The Penguins have a plethora of forwards, seventeen to be exact, but injuries have been consistent this season, hitting them where it hurts most. Zucker has been a revelation in that regard, helping fill in the gaps and helping slow down the flood as players heal back up.

The only thing we have yet to see a lot of are his stats and play when it comes to the Stanley Cup playoffs. Soon enough, we will get to see just that, and he’ll be in good company too. Whether he’s lining up next to Sid or Geno, the straight-shooting winger will get his shot.

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The deal to bring Zucker to Pittsburgh may be the talk of the town, but for what he’s been worth, it shouldn’t be. Yes, the Pens could earn back their draft pick from his trade if they don’t advance, but seeing him and the Penguins perform well is a much bigger prize. The initial snapshot has been exciting to watch, and he has until 2023 to keep showing his worth in Pittsburgh.