Pittsburgh Penguins by the numbers: Jake Guentzel

Jake Guentzel #59 of the Pittsburgh Penguins. (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
Jake Guentzel #59 of the Pittsburgh Penguins. (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images) /

A season of unfortunate timing for this Pittsburgh Penguins forward may have eventually timed out right for him. What’s up next can mean everything.

Timing can be a cruel thing, but it can also be a good thing. For Jake Guentzel and the Pittsburgh Penguins, that statement couldn’t be more accurate. Just hours after being selected to his first-ever All-Star, he smashed into the boards, and you know the rest.

Under normal circumstances, Penguins fans wouldn’t have seen him again. However, timing prevailed. Before going out, Jake was on pace to eclipse his stats from last season. He was rolling with 43 points (20 goals and 23 assists) in just under 40 games played.

Remember when I said the timing was everything? After Guentzel went out, the Penguins went on a downward slide losing 14 out of the next 30. His presence has been missed. When he was on the ice this season, he found instant chemistry wherever he was playing. Whether on Geno’s Line, or Sid’s, Jake fits in, and why wouldn’t he?

Pittsburgh Penguins by the numbers: Jake Guentzel

His attacking abilities have been deemed crucial, and the Penguins will be lucky if they can get him back in time for the playoffs. A player of his stature has found the best living playing with some of the best. Don’t get Shake n Bake Jake mixed up either; he can do well on his own without the likes of the top, hall of fame type talent around him.

In the 21 games that Sid was out, he led the team with 29 points during that time. Guentzel is the best of both worlds, as he can provide well with the other stars, yet take it on himself when the time calls for it.

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Hopefully, with the injury scare behind us all, Jake can get back to doing what he does best, score, and proved. He will be a pivotal player for the Penguins and the foreseeable future. With a contract going out until the summer of 2024, he will be cruising up and down the ice in the black and gold for years to come.