If the Pittsburgh Penguins Starred In Cheesy Movies

Pittsburgh Penguins (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
Pittsburgh Penguins (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images) /

What if some of the Pittsburgh Penguins starred in cheesy movies?

The Pittsburgh Penguins have displayed their fair share of theatrics over the years. With that in mind, we thought we would have a little fun today and create movie synopses for a few of the Pittsburgh Penguins.

For our first go at this potential series, we selected Matt Murray, Jack Johnson, and Evgeni Malkin to give a full movie treatment.

Under siege

With fairweather fans calling for his ex-communication from the Penguins via trade or free agency, and opposing teams looking to put pucks behind him, two-time Stanley Cup winner Matt Murray finds himself in a no-win situation.

Hard work and determination have brought the 26-year-old goaltender to a crossroads in his relatively young career and yet, he still has much to prove to a certain segment of fans that believe he should have gone to Las Vegas.

Will Murray reclaim the Penguins’ goaltending throne and lead the team into championship glory? or fade into obscurity and prove the naysayers right?

Deal with the Devil

When Jack Johnson and Penguins GM Jim Rutherford consummated their five-year pact worth $16 million, you would have thought the Rutherford made a deal with the devil himself.

While Johnson’s play may be considered by some to be less heavenly, it certainly hasn’t been worthy of praise from the prince of darkness.

Join Johnson’s mission to redeem his soul to the Penguins faithful and prove once and for all that, his contract is not the albatross fans think it is and he is, in fact, an agent of fortune.

From Russia with love

There had been other Russian born players that played with Pittsburgh Penguins before Evgeni Malkin arrived on the scene, but none that have electrified fans as much as the Magnitogorsk native has.

The road to becoming one the finest players to ever play in the NHL has been chock full of ups and downs and filled with professional accolades known the world over.

Relive the heartwarming tale one of Pittsburgh’s favorite adopted sons, as he leaves his mother country in the dark of night, under a cloak of deception to realize his destiny and discover the true power of “Malkamania”.