7 Thoughts about the Penguins 7 Games in

Pittsburgh Penguins (Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images)
Pittsburgh Penguins (Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images) /

The Pittsburgh Penguins are approaching the tail-end of their longest road trip of the season. After getting out to fast start to begin the season. the Pens have taken a few body shots this week, losing to the Pacific Division Big Boys, Edmonton, and Calgary.

In my October 06.2022 article, I predicted the Penguins would go 7-2 in the Month of October.  As of today, the Penguins are 4-2-1 with Vancouver and Seattle left to play.  I’m confident the Penguins will beat both the Canucks and Kraken, enabling my prediction to be oh so close.

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The Penguins Record as of October 28.2022:

4-2-1 = 9 Points Tied for Second Place in the Metropolitan Division.

Tied for 3rd Place in the Eastern Conference.

Tied for 5th Place in the NHL.

The Penguins have played 7 games to date.  4 were good.  2 were not so good and one was an overtime loss to a weaker opponent.

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I have 7 thoughts about the Penguins, 7 games in.

1.  The Penguins can Score

Yes, we all knew they could put the puck in the net, but did you see them pumping in 6 goals per game?  When this group of Penguins are happy and healthy, they can win.  Wowza.

2.  Sid is still the Leader of this Team

Yes, another obvious thought, I know.  7 games in and #87 has 4 Goals and 7 Assists for 11 Points, which has Sid tied for 3rd overall in the NHL for Points Scored.  A nice look and another season of riding the Leadership of the kid.  This never gets old.

3.  Malkin looks Motivated

After an injury plagued 2021-22 season, it appears Malkin is back.  It is a little to early for sure, however in 7 games, #71 has 4 Goals and 3 Assists for 7 Points.  The more important stat, is Malkin cares in the Faceoff Circle.  He has been really impressive winning many faceoffs on the Power Play and has a 55.8% overall winning percentage in the Faceoff circle.  Nice to see he cares again.

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4.  Petry on D looks Good

I know it is a small sample size, however, what I have been able to see, is ok by me.  I like his toughness in front of our net.  I like his passing and I like that he has a little mean streak in him.  So far, so good.

5.  Penguins Power Play is Clippin’ at 24.1%

Well, they are not leading the NHL, nor are they last.  A Power Play ranking 11th overall in the NHL after 7 games is fine by me.  They can be even better, and they will be.

6.  Penguins Penalty Kill is struggling at 72.0%

Ranking 28th overall in the NHL is a poor showing for the Penguins, even this early in their season.  This unit must be better than this, and they will be.

7.  Motivation is Key

It says a lot about a franchise that has made the Playoffs for 16 consecutive seasons.  Veterans who know how to win in the league, have very little left to prove, and are still able to turn it on at will.

This amount of talent can be a double edge sword, however.

There are nights when you simply cannot just turn it on at will.  The key is to have the motivation to be good every night.  Easier said than done.

Ya gotta want the puck boys, each and every shift.  It’s called being consistent.  (Watch the Edmonton and Calgary Games.  You sure could tell who was more motivated to get the win)

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My View from the Cheap Seats

Section: TV     Row: PVR     Seat: The Couch

Well, October is playing out how I somewhat predicted.  I liked the Penguins schedule to begin the season.  They had an easy opening night game against the Yotes, followed by a “prove it” game against TB.  The Pens should have won in Montreal, however they exorcized the Kings and handled CBJ.  The Western Road Swing is always tough, and it proved to be once again, losing to the Oilers and Flames.

After 7 games it’s nice to see the Penguins with an above .500 record, as opposed to last season.

This team will only go as far as injuries allow.  I know that can be said for all teams in every sport. The reality is, the Penguins don’t have the depth, if their star power goes out.

Quote of the Day:

“It’s a great day for Hockey “

Badger Bob Johnson – Head Coach Pittsburgh Penguins 1990-91