Pittsburgh Penguins Game Day vs Winnipeg Jets -Nov19.2022

(Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images)
(Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images) /

Pittsburgh Penguins vs Winnipeg Jets

The Pittsburgh Penguins waddle into this game with a win vs the Wild, while the Jets fly high with a victory over the Last Place Ducks.

Tonight’s Game By The Numbers…

Puck Drop 7pm cst

Location:  Canada Life Centre – Winnipeg MB, Canada

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Pittsburgh Penguins  7-7-3 = 17 Pts (as of Nov18.22)

5th in Metropolitan Division

10th in Eastern Conference (Note: there are many teams tied with points)

18th Overall in NHL


Winnipeg Jets  10-4-1 = 21 Pts (as of Nov18.22)

2nd in Central Division

4th in Western Conference

9th Overall in NHL

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This will be the first meeting against the Jets this season, and it appears to be a Déjà vu timeline, like we have seen this story play out once before.

Last year, the Penguins came to Winnipeg in a very similar situation.  They had many injuries and got off to a slow start.  So, they wobbled into Winnipeg needing a victory, just to keep their heads above water.  And the Penguins got one.  With a much needed 3-1 win, which then became a 5–game winning streak, which then propelled the Penguins back into playoff contention.  Can you say Déjà vu?

Last year, Nov 22.2021 Stats…hmmmm, now where have I seen this stat line before? (See Above)

Pittsburgh Penguins    7-6-4 = 18 Pts (Nov 22.2021)

7th in Metropolitan Division

12th in Eastern Conference

21st Overall in NHL

This year, the Penguins got off to a great start, then slumped, which brings us back to tonight’s game, where the Pens need a victory, just to keep their heads above water.

The USA Thanksgiving Day looms, which is the unofficial, “teams who are in the playoffs on this day, have a 75% chance of making the playoffs”.  The Pens needs wins, like now.

As of today, the Pittsburgh Penguins have an 83.5% chance of making the playoffs.

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Last year, the Jets came into this game feeling good about themselves.  They had spanked Edmonton a few nights earlier and were on top of their game.  Or were they?  Was it just smoke and mirrors?  The loss to the Penguins then grew into a 5-game losing streak.   The Jets tailspin continued from here and for the remainder of the season.  Can you say Déjà vu?

Nov 22.2021 Stats…hmmmm, now where have I seen this stat line before? (See Above)

Winnipeg Jets             9-4-4 = 22 Pts  (Nov 22.2021)

1st in Central Division

5th in Western Conference

11th Overall in NHL

This year, the Jets got off to lukewarm start, then went on a tear, winning 8 of their last 10 games.

As of today, the Winnipeg Jets have an 76% chance of making the playoffs.

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Keep an Eye On

Crosby #87     F          9G-12A-21 Pts            51.3% Faceoff Win%

Malkin #71     F          7G-11A-18 Pts            52.0% Faceoff Win%

Guentzel #59   F          9G-7A-16 Pts             42.9% Faceoff Win%

Letang #58      D         1G-8A-9Pts

Jarry #35         G         5W – 3L  with a 3.60 GAA  (ranked 60th Overall in the NHL)

Jarry has a .895 Save % (ranked 53rd Overall in the NHL)

Penguins Key Injuries


Penguins News and Notes

The Good

Sid the Kid started off hot, scoring 10 points in his first 5 games.  He then cooled off, as did the entire Penguins team during their 7-game losing streak.  Ouch that hurt.  #87 scored two goals and added two helpers, in the win against Minny.  Our Captain is back, baby.

The Penguins Big-3, Crosby, Malkin and Letang, combined for a beauty of a Power Play goal against Minnesota.  All-World passing from those three, was on display in Minny.  Are the vets finally finding their groove.  If so, beware the groove.

Penguins are starting to pass the puck like they can and put pucks on net.   All this good can only result in goals boys, keep it up.

The Bad

The Penguins are a give-away machine this season.  Giveaways in their own end, in the opposition’s zone and on the Power Play, all have contributed to many of the Penguin losses to date.

All forwards have been weak defensively. Period.  I could call out players here, but why.  Weak defense and a lack of urgency, has contributed to the Penguins record to date.  Period.

Goaltender Jarry is not playing up to his All-Star form of last year.   Nagging injuries are affecting his game or something is just not right.  The dude is a UFA and the end of this season, he needs to be All-World for the Penguins to contend.  And he is so far from it.  Sheeesh.

Penguins are Failing in Thes Areas. light. Trending


Keep an Eye On

Connor #81     F          5G-10A-15Pts

Scheifele #55  F         10G-4A-14 Pts          46.3% Faceoff Win%

Dubois #80     F          7G-6A-13Pts              50.3% Faceoff %

Morrissey# #44 D     1G-15-16Pts              23.11 Time on Ice (35th overall in the NHL)

Hellebuyck #37 G       8W – 3L   with a 2.15 GAA  (2nd overall in the NHL)

Hellebuyck has a .935 Save % (2nd overall in the NHL)

Key Injuries

Dylen Demelo             Nov16.22        DTD    Undisclosed

Mason Appleton         Nov12.22        IR        Wrist

Morgan Barron           Nov01.22        IR        Wrist

Logan Stanley             Oct26.22         IR        Foot

Nikolaj Ehlers             Oct18.22         IR        Undisclosed

Jets New and Notes

The Good

The Jets are starting to feel good about their game overall.  They took out the Rangers, a Final Four team last year and beat Colorado, the defending champs, so far this year.  They appear to be mentally tough with wins against the LA Kings, and all their Overtime Wins.

Morrissey is an ice time minute muncher as well as an assist machine.  Kyle Connor, busted out against the Ducks, finally, with a Hattie.

Hellebuyck is playing lights out crazy good.  Like, can you say, All-World good.  Like, can you say, another Vezina, just like in 2020.

The Bad

The Jets D like to make high-risk passes along the blueline, and so far, their numerous giveaways have been saved by #37.

The Jets team struggle to make 3-consecutive passes, for long stretches during games.

The Jets team seem to miss the net quite a bit.

The Jets Centermen are terrible in the Face-Off circle, winning 46.7% of Face-offs.  This means the Jets chase the game from the get-go.

I’m not sure, the Jets as a team, are that tough.  I don’t see much grit in their lineup from top to bottom.

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Game Analysis / Pens Scouting Report

Pittsburgh Penguins Record 7-7-3 = 17 Pts

Winnipeg Jets Record 10-4-1 = 21 Pts

Pittsburgh Goals For 62

Winnipeg Goals For 46

Pittsburgh Goals Against 61

Winnipeg Goals Against 35

Pittsburgh Goal Differential +1

Winnipeg Goal Differential 11

I Suspect the Penguins D will be Suspect this year. light. Trending

Pittsburgh Power Play 20.0%

Winnipeg Power Play 21.2%

Pittsburgh Penalty Kill 77.2%

Winnipeg Penalty Kill 84.2%

Pittsburgh Penalty Minutes 131

Winnipeg Penalty Minutes 123

Pittsburgh Shots Per Game 33.8

Winnipeg Shots Per Game 30.5

Pittsburgh Team Faceoff 51.9%

Winnipeg Team Faceoff 46.7%

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Pittsburgh D-Zone Give Aways 80

Winnipeg D-Zone Give Aways 102

Pittsburgh O-Zone Give Aways 53

Winnipeg O-Zone Give Aways 36

Pittsburgh Offside For 43

Winnipeg Offside For 33

Pittsburgh Offside Against 37

Winnipeg Offside Against 28

Pittsburgh Team Goals Against Average 3.59

Winnipeg Team Goals Against Average 2.33

Pittsburgh Team Save % .901

Winnipeg Team Save % .928

Pittsburgh G – Jarry #35   3.60 GAA

Winnipeg  G-Hellebuyck #37   2.15 GAA

Pittsburgh G – Jarry #35   .895 Save %

Winnipeg  G-Hellebuyck #37   .935 Save %

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My View from the Cheap Seats

A good goalie can mask many roster issues on a team.  For example, Carey Price put the Montreal Canadiens on his shoulders for many years and provided a cloak over many critical areas that needed fixing.  Hellebuyck is providing that same cloak for the Jets.

Which team is more desperate for a win?

Stats can be used to play tricks on you.  So, let’s play; Ifs n Buts, Soup n Nuts.

If the Penguins would have won their 3 Overtime games, they would have had no major losing streak to speak of and would be having a bowl of soup, in a Wild Card Position.

But were the Jets to have lost all 5 of their Overtime games, they would be crackin’ nuts in a Wild Card Position.

I understand this is a hypothetical game to play. It does, however, tell you, by flipping the script ever so slightly, how one’s perspective might change.

It’s time for the Stars to Shine.

I have had the opportunity to watch some Penguins and Jets games of late.  I don’t think the Penguins are as bad as they appear to be, and I don’t think the Jets are as good as they appear to be.

Offense:  Pittsburgh

Defense:  Winnipeg

Special Teams: Winnipeg

In my humble opinion, comparing and analyzing the data listed in my scouting report above, the stats say the Jets should win this one, however my eye test tells me, it’s a Penguins W.

Pen’s Pick: Penguins to Win.

Quote of the Day:

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of convenience and comfort, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy”

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr