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Happy New Year and Welcome 2023.  A look at the standings today, will have you notice the Penguins have slipped out of a Wild Card Playoff spot.  Well, that is not the news we were hoping to discuss as we enter 2023.

The Penguins are missing some key players with injuries and need to crank up that PP.  Holding a few leads would have changed the narrative.

The beauty is, January is the Penguins Make Up Points month.  They will play 9 teams they should be able to beat.  In fact, the Penguins will need to beat these teams simply to keep pace with the others in the Metro Division, let alone jump them.

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Here is the Penguins upcoming schedule for the Month of January.

1.     Jan 02. @ Boston

2.     Jan 05. @ Vegas

3.     Jan 08. @ Arizona

4.     Jan 10. Vs Vcr

5.     Jan 13. Vs Wpg

6.     Jan 14. @ Canes

7.     Jan 16. Vs Ducks

8.     Jan 18. @ Ottawa

9.     Jan 20. Vs Ottawa

10.  Jan 22. @ New Jersey

11.  Jan 24. Vs Florida

12.  Jan 26. @ Capitals

13.  Jan 28. Vs Sharks

That said, let’s have a look at how I think the Month of January will play out for the Penguins.

It’s what I call; Pen’s Picks (It’s just for Fun and Not for Betting)…enjoy.

Jan 02. @ Boston

The Bruins will host the Penguins in this years Winter Classic at Fenway.  Boston is the Number One Team in the entire NHL.  Pittsburgh is ranked 10th overall. The Penguins limp into this one on a  4-game losing streak.

Boston is a team that hangs around until the third period, then beats you.  Always a tough out.

Pen’s Pick: Boston

Jan 05. @ Vegas

Vegas has been dealing with a number of injuries to key players all season.  That said, they still are one of the Top Teams in the NHL.  This shows their overall team depth.  They also have one of the leagues best Power Plays and are ranking Top 5 in Face-off Win %.   Remember this means instant puck possession.

This is their second meeting of the season.  I picked Vegas last time, and I will again.

Pen’s Pick: Vegas

Dec 01 vs Vegas…I wrote.

Vegas re-tooled and are getting healthy.  They look deep and ready to make a run.  They are #1 in the Pacific Division, #1 in the Eastern Conference and #3 Overall in the NHL.  They are for real folks.

Pen’s Pick: Vegas (Note: the Pens Won)

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Jan 08. @ Arizona

The Yotes are all in for a Full On, Free Fall bid for Connor Bedard.  If you do not know who this kid is, watch the World Jr’s.  The Yotes are sellers and trying to sink.  They are terrible on the PP, PK and on Face-offs.  Team D and Goaltending are not any better.

This is the second meeting with Arizona.  Pittsburgh beat them in the Pens Home Opener, and they should again.

Pen’s Pick: Pittsburgh

Jan 10. Vs Vcr

The Knucks are trying to get better but are dealing with some injuries, players who do not want to be there long term and others are now questioning the heart of the team.  Ouch.  It’s tough to trade from a power position when the player demands a trade.

Sellers heading into the trade deadline, means easy Penguins Points should be available.  The last time I said that, VCR beat the Pens 5-1.  Yikes,  It won’t happen again.

Pen’s Pick: Pittsburgh

Jan 13. Vs Winnipeg

Head Coach Bowness has these Jets actually playing some Team D.   They beat the Oilers 2-1 in Edmonton, then came home and beat Calgary.  Those were not easy wins.  The Jets have a Top 5 PK and an All- World Vezina Goalie in Hellebuyck.  He is Second in Save % and Third in GAA, overall in the NHL.

I still see smoke and mirrors with their record.  December bit them with the injury bug, and their upcoming schedule will show who they really are. Let’s talk April 01 and see who really is the fool.  You are what your record says.  I may eat crow on this one. Time will tell.

The Pens beat the Jets with a Rock-Solid 3-0 win in their first meeting.  I see the same outcome.

Pen’s Pick: Pittsburgh

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Jan 14. @ Canes
The Canes are in it to Win It, this year.  They lead the Metro Division and are the Second-Best team in the NHL.  They have beat the Pens in both games and it appears the Penguins will fall short again.

Pen’s Pick: Carolina

Dec 18 @ Carolina…I wrote.

These guys are for real. Young and motivated with NHL Vets who can still play.

Pen’s Pick: Carolina

Dec 22 vs Carolina…See above notes…Pen’s Pick: Carolina

Jan 16. Vs Ducks

Here is another team in Free Fall mode for Bedard.  Sellers already means, easy Penguins Points should be available.

Pen’s Pick: Pittsburgh

Jan 18. @ Ottawa

Jan 20. Vs Ottawa

The Sens are rebuilding and are showing signs of a Future Playoff Team.  Top 3 in PP, Top 6 in PK as well as Faceoff Win %, means they are a tough out.  They are beating teams they should and have surprised a few others.

With Bedard available in this upcoming draft, I find it odd this is the year they want to be a mid / tweener team.  I can see them as sellers in a Month.

Pen’s Pick: Pittsburgh

Pen’s Pick: Pittsburgh

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Jan 22. @ New Jersey
I’m still not convinced they are a Playoff team.  Four other Metro teams are all nipping at the Devils heels, just waiting for them to fail.  They will.

Here is another team who will really show themselves with a tough upcoming schedule.  So again, let’s talk April 01 and see who really is the fool.   I may eat crow on this one too. Time will tell eh.

Pen’s Pick: Pittsburgh

Dec 30 vs New Jersey…I wrote.

Well, the young kids are lighting the league up.  Are they for real?  They are beating teams who have been considered better than them to date.  I think they drop down to earth in December.

Pen’s Pick: Pittsburgh (Note: NJ Won 4-2)

Jan 24. Vs Florida

New Head Coach Paul Maurice, inherited a rebuilt team that has missing parts.  We know who they are now.  Not a Playoff Team.  Terrible PP, PK and Face-off Win % as well as getting no help between the pipes.

Pen’s Pick: Pittsburgh

Dec 15 @ Florida…I wrote.

I’m not sure who they are just yet.  Last year they were playing like a Final Four Team who just didn’t make it.  So, they re-tooled and this year they are trying to find themselves.  That said, they don’t appear as deep as last year, and are losing to teams that a Final Four type team would beat.

Pen’s Pick: Pittsburgh

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Jan 26. @ Capitals

The Caps were injured early in the year when the Pens beat them 4-1.  Now they are getting healthy, and the Great 8 just keeps scoring goals.  Always a tough Divisional game, especially in Washington.

Pen’s Pick: Capitals

Jan 28. Vs Sharks

Here is another team in Free Fall mode for Bedard.  Sellers already means, easy Penguins Points should be available.

Pen’s Pick: Pittsburgh

My View from the Cheap Seats

Section: TV     Row: PVR     Seat: The Couch

Here is how I see January playing out for the Penguins.  The Penguins must beat these teams in order to gain ground in the competitive Metro Division.

It looks like it’s a Must Win type of Month, or we will all be golfing early this year….lol…Enjoy.

Pens Picks: January 2023

9 Wins

4 Losses

Pens Picks: December 2022

7 Wins

6 Losses

Penguins Actual Record was (8-5)

Pens Picks: November 2022

9 Wins

3 Losses

Penguins Actual Record was (7-7…I was late predicting on Bos Nov 01 and Buff Nov 02)

Pens Picks: October 2022

7 Wins

2 Losses

Penguins Actual Record was (4-4-1)

My Overall Pens Picks Record in 2021-22:

22 Wins

10 Losses

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Quote of the Day:

“It infuriates me to be wrong when I know I’m right“

Moliere – Actor / Playwright