Penguins Awareness Day

(Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images)
(Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images) /

Today is Penguins Awareness Day.  Since the Pittsburgh Penguins are waddling along in their season, here are some ways to enjoy your Penguins Awareness Day.

Learn about Penguins

Penguins have great vision, they can see the play on the ice develop with great ease…lol

Penguins who suddenly flop on their belly and slide across the ice are “Tobogganing”.  Most are really smooth skaters, however those who suddenly fall down at the slightest form of contact are called “Divers”.…lol

Penguins take turns getting warm, which explains the hot and cold streaks this year…lol

Penguins are friendly, however the Chinstrap Penguin will get into the occasional scrape.  Maybe the Pens need to buckle up a few more chinstraps…lol

In the “real world”, Penguins out in the wild, are known to have thick skin, be self disciplined, show determination and have the will to live with and overcome many of life’s challenges that are thrust upon them.

This Penguins Hockey Team, with what they have experienced so far this season, must show that same determination and resilience going forward.

Read about Penguins

Marc Penner is the Site Expert for Pens Labyrinth.  Here are some of his articles.

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Watch the Penguins

This was the last, “really well played game”, by the Penguins on Dec20.2022.

Recap: PIT 3, NYR 2 | – Click Here

My View from the Cheap Seats

Every year we are more aware of how adorable these flightless birds are.  However,  their numbers are dwindling.  Here are more Fun Facts…enjoy.

Penguin Awareness Day is a great initiative to raise awareness on this matter.

I am happy to bring to light, Penguin Awareness Day

I am honored to be able to write about the Penguins.

I am humbled by your support.

Thank you for enjoying my articles and staying positive.

Quote of the Day:

Dive into Life and Find Warmth among Friends

Stand Together and Go the Extra Mile

Keep Your Cool, Stay Cool, Be Cool

Yinzer Rules:

1.       We Are Family – support and stay the course.

2.      It’s All About Defense – commit to it and we will excel.

– Advice from a Penguin