Here is what Really Matters to the Penguins going forward

Penguins. (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)
Penguins. (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images) /

Well, it’s the NHL All-Star Break and I’m thinking about the Penguins heading into the second half of the season, wondering what they have to do in order to get into the Playoffs, and also potentially, Win The Cup.

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So, I came up with some things that I think “Really Matters” in order to make this happen.

Win Faceoffs – ‘cause it really matters.

Understand the Power of Field Position – ‘cause it really matters.

Puck Possession is an Offensive weapon as well as a Defensive weapon – ‘cause it matters.

Support the Puck Carrier – ‘cause it really matters.

Understand the Power of Magic Triangle Passing  – ‘cause it really matters.

Give n Go Passes, learn how to use them.  Period – ‘cause it really matters.

Passing Tape–to-Tape – ‘cause it really matters.

Always Gaining Their Blueline before making a play – ‘cause it matters.

Understand the Power of Area Passing – ‘cause it really matters.

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Shoot low on 2 on 1’s, it causes a rebound, Forward #2 needs to be ready for it –‘cause it matters.

Shoot More as in, more pucks towards the net – ‘cause it matters.

Always have Traffic in front of their Goalie – ‘cause it matters.

Tip In’s, learn how to do them – ‘cause it matters.

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Winning puck battles Along the Boards – ‘cause it matters.

Getting Gritty in front of the net – ‘cause it really matters.

Steppin’ into the opposition as they cross Your Blueline – ‘cause it matters.

Boxing out peeps in front of your own net – ‘cause it really matters.

Rubbing peeps out along the boards as they enter your zone – ‘cause it matters.

Teammates who can have an honest conversation about their game – ‘cause it matters.

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Goalies stopping the First Shot straight up – ‘cause it matters.

Defensemen clearing out rebounds, second shot chances – ‘cause it really matters.

Quick Transitions from O to D and from D to O – ‘cause it matters.

You Need Players who are Closers on your team – ‘cause it really matters.

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Communication on the ice is crucial – ‘cause it really matters.

Overall Intimidation, Hard Hitting, Tough to Play against Hockey(not Goon) – ‘cause it matters.

Ya Gotta Do Everything At Top Speed – ‘cause it matters.

Understanding proper times in order to Change Lines – ‘cause it really matters.

Limiting Overall Team Turnovers.  Period – ‘cause it really matters.

FERDA – ‘cause it really matters.

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Pittsburgh Penguins as of Feb 02.2023

24-16-9 = 57 pts

5th  in the Metropolitan Division

8th in the Eastern conference

12th Tied in the NHL (overall)

Pittsburgh Penguins are holding the #2 Wild Card Playoff Spot, Eastern Conference.

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My View from the Cheap Seats

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The Penguins have been an inconsistent bunch of birds this season.  They have played with very weak intensity early on, causing them to chase the game.  They follow this up with a more inspired effort, which, with some scratching and clawing, brings them back into the game.  Only for those waddlers to lose late in the game or in Overtime.  Ya I’m squakin’ about it…

Ugh, it’s been tough to watch some nights, that’s for sure.  Remember, last year, when the Penguins were arguably the Best Team in NHL at this time.

Wowza, same team, different results.  Yikes.

The most important thing to understand is, that the Penguins still control their own destiny.

As I have mentioned before, it really comes down to what this Franchise defines as it’s Main Objectives.

If it is to, simply make the playoffs for a 17th consecutive season, then bow out early.  This roster and current efforts can attain that.

If it is to, Win the Cup, then as the above list has noted, changes are needed, like now, to the Roster and the Attitude.

Otherwise,  IT DOESN’T REALLY MATTER, going forward…

Quote of the Day:

“It Doesn’t Really Matter”

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