Pittsburgh Penguins Game Day vs Colorado Avalanche Feb07.23

Penguins. (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
Penguins. (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images) /

Pittsburgh Penguins vs Colorado Avalanche  

Tonight’s Game by The Numbers…

Puck Drop 6pm est.

Location: PPG Paints Arena – Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

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Pittsburgh Penguins Record as of Feb 07.2023

24-6-9 = 57 pts

5th -Tied in Metropolitan Division

7th -Tied in Eastern Conference

11th -Tied Overall in NHL

Pittsburgh Penguins are holding the #2 Wild Card Playoff Spot, Eastern Conference.

As of Nov18.2022…the Penguins were…

7-7-3 = 17 Pts (as of Nov18.22)

5th in Metropolitan Division

10th in Eastern Conference (Note: there are many teams tied with points)

18th Overall in NHL

The Penguins have improved somewhat from November, however, are playing below expectations.


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Colorado Avalanche Record as of Feb 07.2023

27-18-3 = 57 pts

4th in the Central Division

7th in the Western Conference (ties)

11th -Tied Overall in NHL

Colorado Avalanche are 1 point out of the final Wild Card Playoff spot, Western Conference.

This will be their first game against each other this season.  Both teams have had similar paths, so far this year.  Injuries have slowed them down, which has led to below expectations in the standings.

The Penguins enter this game on a 2-game losing streak.  So, you would think, they would be motivated to win, right?

Well, it seems the narrative this year is, you just never know which Penguins team will show up on any given night.

Is it the Rock-Solid, Defensively Sound Stanley Cup contender Penguins?  Or is it the, Slow Skating, Turnover Prone, Disinterested, 2 time 6+ game losing streak Penguins?

Either way, you are what you record indicates.  And the Penguins record to date, tells me, they better start being Motivated, going forward.  Don’t believe me?  Check out the standings and see what motivation looks like.

An Islander, a Buffalo, and a Panther, are all stalking the Penguins as we speak.

The Avalanche meanwhile, enter this contest on a 1-game win streak, beating St. Louis just before the All-Star break.  Winners in 7 of their last 8 games, tells me that the Defending Stanley Cup Champions are getting somewhat healthy and very motivated to defend that cup.

They too have performed below expectations so far this year.  They also know that the game gets incrementally tougher, from now until June.

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Keep an Eye On

Crosby #87     F          24G-36A-60 Pts          52.5% Faceoff Win%

Malkin #71     F          19G-31A-50 Pts          51.1% Faceoff Win%

Guentzel #59   F          20G-26A-46 Pts         58.3% Faceoff Win%

Penguins Key Injuries

Jarry #35         G         Jan 23.23         DTD    Lower Body

Archibald #15 F          Dec18.22         IR        Lower Body

Kapanen #42   F          Jan17.23          IR        Lower Body

Rutta #44        D         Jan15.23          IR        Upper Body

Penguins News and Notes

The Good

Crosby has been the lone bright spot for the Penguins.  It’s still a joy to watch him play.

The Bad

Injuries are holding the Penguins back.  To Old, to Slow, to many Turnovers and Uninspired play, have caused this year to be on the verge of a trainwreck.  Lack of Rock-Solid Goaltending and overall poor Team D, has added to the disappointment.

The Penguin Power Play is trying to find its way.

The Penguins Penalty Kill has dipped of late.

Team Depth is questionable, as well as a lack of focus for 60 minutes.  Because of this, teams have bee able to come back on the Pens and win games late or in OT.

Authors Note:  I am really trying to remain positive about the Team, however I must admit, that it is becoming more difficult with each passing game….lol, but I’m trying.

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Colorado Avalanche

Keep an Eye On

Rantanen #96              F          34G-27A-61 Pts                     44.7% Faceoff %

MacKinnon #29          F          13G-41A-54 Pts                     46.8% Faceoff %

Makar #8                     D         13G-32-45 Pts

Key Injuries

Nichushkin #13           F          Jan25.23          DTD    Upper Body

Helm #43                    F          Jan11.23          DTD    Lower Body

Landeskog                  F          Sept21.22        IR        Knee

Avs News and Notes

The Good

These guys are getting healthy and putting solid games together.  They are playing with a little more sense of urgency.  Never count out a team with #29, and #8 on it, especially if they are defending a chip.

The Bad

Losing Landeskog so early in the year has certainly hurt them.  If they sustain any more injuries to key depth players, they may find themselves on the outs, looking in.

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Game Analysis / Pens Scouting Report

Pittsburgh Penguins Record 24-16-9 = 57 Pts

Colorado Avalanche Record 27-18-3 = 57 Pts

Pittsburgh Goals For 160

Colorado Goals For 147

Pittsburgh Goals Against 152

Colorado Goals Against 131

Pittsburgh Goal Differential +8

Colorado Goal Differential +18

Pittsburgh Power Play 22.7%

Colorado Power Play 24.5%

Pittsburgh Penalty Kill 81.1%

Colorado Penalty Kill 76.8%

Pittsburgh Penalty Minutes 388

Colorado Penalty Minutes 402

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Pittsburgh Shots Per Game 32.9

Colorado Shots Per Game 32.9

Pittsburgh Team Faceoff 52.2%

Colorado Team Faceoff 46.3%

Pittsburgh D-Zone Give Aways 239

Colorado D-Zone Give Aways 143

Pittsburgh O-Zone Give Aways 158

Colorado O-Zone Give Aways 102

Pittsburgh Offside For 99

Colorado Offside For 100

Pittsburgh Offside Against 92

Colorado Offside Against 110

Pittsburgh Team Goals Against Average 3.10

Colorado Team Goals Against Average 2.73

Pittsburgh Team Save % .912

Colorado Team Save % .919

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My View from the Cheap Seats

Well folks, the real games are about to begin.

If you weren’t paying attention or watching many Penguins games up to this point, might I suggest you tune into a few games coming out of the All-Star break.

If the Pens decide they are motivated and want to win….they can.

If the Pens decide the paycheque is nice and golf season sounds like more fun…they will lose.

Offense:  Pittsburgh

Defense:  Colorado

Special Teams: Tied

Who’s really motivated to get this Win?

In my humble opinion, comparing and analyzing the data listed in my scouting report above, the stats say the Avs should win this one, however my eye test tells me, it’s a Penguins W.

Pen’s Pick: Penguins to Win.

Quote of the Day:

“Sometimes you must simply throw logic out the window and see the reality of it all”

Marc Penner

Video Added in Feb09.23…enjoy.