IF the Penguins Win THEN they will Get In

Penguins (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
Penguins (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images) /

The Pittsburgh Penguins still control their own destiny.  The Wild Card Playoff races are full on.  The second half of the season is under way and all games mean something.  A quick look in the rearview mirror, shows us the Panthers and Islanders are lurking, just waiting for a Penguins losing streak.

Well, the solution to such troubles are simple.  Just Win Baby.

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The Penguins must follow some simple IF / THEN statements, in order make it into the Stanley Cup Playoffs.  Let’s start off with the most basic, then work our way up the ladder.

IF, the Penguins Win,

THEN, they’ll get in.

IF, the Penguins Score more than their opposition,

THEN, then ‘ll Win more games.

IF, the Penguins Goalies can stop the first shot,

THEN, it’s up to the D to clear out all other rebounds.

IF, the Penguins Goalies can make the Key save, at the right time,

THEN, the Penguins can gain momentum from it.

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IF, the Penguins are in a mad scramble in their own zone,

THEN, the Goalie needs to make a save and stop the play.

IF, the Penguins are running around in their own zone,

THEN, the D or a Forward simply needs to Ice the puck.

IF, the Penguins Goalies cannot see the puck,

THEN, the Penguins D needs to box out peeps in front of the net.

IF, the Penguins D can stand people up at the blueline,

THEN, it makes it tougher to enter the Penguins zone.

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IF, the Penguins D can make quick passes,

THEN, the Penguins can get out of their own zone faster.

IF, the Penguins Forwards would help play D in their own zone,

THEN, the Penguins Goals Against would be better.

IF, the Penguins Forwards would make more tape to tape passes,

THEN, the Penguins would have more momentum flying into the O-Zone.

IF, the Penguins would Shoot more,

THEN, the Penguins might Score more.

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IF, the Penguins Forwards have an open lane to the net,

THEN, the Penguins need to Drive Hard toward the net.

IF, the Penguins Forwards enter the O-Zone and are boxed to the outside,

THEN, the Penguins Forwards need to drop the puck off to their trailing Forward or D-Man.

IF, the Penguins have the puck,

THEN, please have Other Penguins helping and supporting the puck carrier.

IF, the Penguins Center is tied up in the Faceoff circle,

THEN, the Penguin Wingers need to help retrieve that puck.

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IF, the Penguins Center wins the draw back to you.

THEN, please Penguins D or Forward, shoot it fast.

IF, The Penguins employ a Give ‘n Go passing approach,

THEN, the Penguins will be unstoppable.

IF, the Penguins enter the O-Zone on a 2 on 1, F1 needs to shoot low,

THEN, F2 can get the rebound.

IF, the opposition has the puck,

THEN, the Penguins need to fore-check, back-check or just check.

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IF, the Penguins have possession of the puck,

THEN, please don’t just dump the puck away, at first the sign of pressure.

IF, the Penguins D pinches in from the blueline,

THEN, a Penguins Forward needs to drop back and take their position on D.

IF, I shoot the puck at the net,

THEN, I should follow it up, to get my own rebound.

IF, you never get a penalty,

THEN, you are not playing close enough to the edge.

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IF, you never stick up for yourself,

THEN, they will always take cheap shots at you.

IF, I know which way you shoot,

THEN, you are more likely to have a faster one-timer.

IF, Gretzky used the net as, somewhat of a blocker,

THEN, why can’t you?

IF, the Penguins play with a certain amount of aggression,

THEN, the Penguins will intimidate their opponent.

IF, the Penguins play as a United Team,

THEN, the Penguins will have more success.

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Pittsburgh Penguins as of Feb 14.2023

26-17-9 = 61 pts

5th   in the Metropolitan Division

7th -Tied in the Eastern Conference

10th -Tied in the NHL (overall)

Pittsburgh Penguins are holding the #2 Wild Card Playoff Spot, Eastern Conference.

My View from the Cheap Seats

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I understand, that what I have written here today, is just basic hockey.  Which is why it needs to be said…

IF the Penguins Play Basic Hockey,

THEN they will Win.

IF, I Like you, and more importantly, Respect you,

THEN,  I’m more likely to Trust you and therefore, pass the puck to you.

Quote of the Day:

“’Kobe did not pass the ball to teammates who had a poor work ethic.”

Kobe Bryant – LA Lakers