Penguins Begin to March

Penguins (Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images)
Penguins (Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images) /

This Pittsburgh Penguins journey is one of patience.

Every year, there comes a time when the winds change direction, the air gets crisp, and the leaves fall to the ground.  Temperatures drop, snow begins to fall, and water turns to ice.  The Penguins begin to March.

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The Quest

It’s an annual quest to capture the Stanley Cup.  A quest not for the faint of heart.  Not all Penguins, who begin the journey will make it to the end.  There are no short cuts in this journey.  Life is Harsh.  Life is Cruel.  Life rewards those who Endure.  Just like Hockey.

This Penguins’ journey forces them to climb high over mountain peaks (winning streaks, rock-solid goaltending, a red-hot PP or PK) as well as low into the valley’s (losing streaks, injuries, slumps).

The Penguins take a new path each and every year.  New Penguins can take on the Leadership role, however the veteran Penguins (#87, #71, #58)  remember how to get there.

Sometimes they waddle down the path, swim, or skate.  The bottom line is, there are many different ways to achieve their end goal, however which one will work best, in this particular year.

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The Mantra

This year, it appears the Penguins need to exercise Patience.  They have been streaky all season and for some reason, the Emperor Penguins (Penguins Management) appear to be wary of adding any more Penguins to help with the journey.

The Penguins Will, Grit and Determination will be tested once again and throughout this years’ journey.  Understand that Penguins will get bumped and bruised along the way.  However, those who have the perseverance and the ability to push through, no matter the conditions, will be rewarded.

It is when the days seem long and the nights are cold, that Penguins band together and unite as one, against both nature and predators ( like a Panther, a Buffalo, a Ranger, a Bruin, a Hurricane, a Lightning Blot and even a Devil stand in the Penguins Way).

While others bring in reinforcements to assist with their journey (trades), the Penguins will continue down this path with limited additional resources to assist them (Penguins Management has done very little to change the dynamic of this team).

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The Test

In order to survive the journey, the Penguins must care about the well being of all those Penguins around them at this time, not only the Leaders, but the entire group of Penguins.  Together as a unit, they will face the harsh realities of the world and only together will they survive this test.

(Only by playing Tight Team Defense, as a unit, will the Penguins find future success.)

Over time, the sun begins to stay a little longer and shine a little brighter.  And when the snow thinks about melting, you know that it’s the final push for the NHL Playoffs and the Stanley Cup.

This is the final mountain the Penguins must climb, on what has been an intense 6-month-long  journey.  It’s the final grind, where the survival of the fittest is on full display for all to witness, night in and night out.

Only the strong will survive this final climb.

However, the path to success is shown to those Penguins who have the strength, the will and the patience, to follow it to the end.

Pittsburgh Penguins as of March 02.2023

30-21-9 = 69 pts

5th  in the Metropolitan Division

8th in the Eastern conference

13th Tied in the NHL (overall)

Pittsburgh Penguins are holding the #2 Wild Card Playoff Spot, Eastern Conference.

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My View from the Cheap Seats

Section: TV     Row: PVR     Seat: The Couch

This years Penguins have played a brand of streaky and inconsistent hockey.

As Fans, we simply never know which Penguins team will show up.  On any given night, we can witness the Cup Conversation Penguins beating teams by playing a solid team game or we get to watch them Get Blown Out, or Lose Late Leads.  Wowza.  Can you say polar opposite?

It’s been quite a ride all right.

One which has forced me to press pause at times, stop yelling at the TV…lol, reflect on those past Penguin Championship teams, smile, then exercise patience for this years’ line-up and more importantly Penguins Management and their lack of any significant changes to the team.

Penguins Begin to March …it’s time for that final climb.

Quote of the Day:

“This is the test we must set for ourselves; not to march alone but to march in such a way that others will wish to join us”

Hubert H Humphries – American Politician