The Penguins are Back but only in Spurts

Penguins (Photo by Jason Mowry/Getty Images)
Penguins (Photo by Jason Mowry/Getty Images) /

The Penguins are Back, but only in short spurts that is.  Six games into this season and we know the Penguins are sputtering along, much like last year.  What appeared to be a favorable schedule, has now turned into a slight panic attack.

I thought the Pens would be fire out of the gate vs Chicago, they were not.  They were meh.

They took out the Caps in the Oldtimers game and I watched them handle Calgary with so much precision, that I thought to myself,” these Birds are Back Baby”.

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The Penguins were off the charts good against Calgary.

Their Puck Possession during this game was a thing of beauty.  They managed the puck well.  They supported the puck carrier at all times.  They controlled the overall field position very well throughout that game.

Mr. Malkin is shooting the puck like the good ‘ol days.  He is flipping beauty saucers like yummy burgers.  #71 wants to be the best on the ice every shift, and you can tell with the jump in his step.

The Penguins as a team, made smart line changes, defended with passion, and began each period a sense of urgency.  It felt like I was back in the old days.  They really wanted to win.

That night the Penguins Power Play looked like it was the Best Power Play in the NHL.  With #87, #71, #67, #58 and #65 on the ice, these players passed the puck with such precision.  Tape to tape passes at high speed and super accurate.  At one point I counted seven perfect passes.  Seven.  No bobbles, all flow with some really good looks, just no goals.  Even though those boys went 0-3 on the Power play that night, you could tell it would be only a matter of time before that unit would light the lamp.

The D stayed at home for the most part and defended, however they entered the offensive rush when needed.  It was natural, not forced.

The boys Chipped n Chased when needed.  They made angle passes to perfection.  And even their set plays worked like a charm; “#87 wins the draw back to #58, who passes over to #59, He Shoots, He Scores”,  Bingo, Bango, Bongo…just like old times right?

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Pens Fly Back Down To Earth

Well, the Pens then went into Detroit and lost, (which I knew would happen), however, I did not see them losing to St.Louis.  Yikes.

So now the Penguins stand  at 2-4, instead of 4-2 at this point.  They are near the bottom of the Metro Division once again in October, which is Not a Pretty Sight at all.

This is becoming an old and tired story.

I could rationalize it when the Penguins were without Crosby and Malkin due to injury.  But folks, we are all healthy.

So Here We Go Again

Pittsburgh Penguins Record as of October 25.2023

2-4-0 = 4  pts

5th – in the Metropolitan Division (ties)

7th – in Eastern Conference (ties)

9th -Tied Overall in NHL

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My View from the Cheap Seats

The Good thing is…the Penguins still control their own fate.  They have the talent to right this sinking ship, however they are not really showing a sense of urgency or desire to.  Which is not a good sign.

The Good thing is… these Penguins are really good, in spurts.  However, these Penguins have shown their inability to focus at a high level for an entire game.  Which is not a good sign.

The Good thing is…there is plenty of schedule remaining for the Penguins to find their jam.  Remember they were in a similar position last year and only missed the Playoffs by one single point.  However, there is the reality of losing to Non-Playoff Teams which in essence, makes you a NON-PLAYOFF TEAM.  Which is not a good sign.

If the Pens decide they are motivated and want to win…they will win.

If the Pens play a full 60-minute game…they will win.

If the Pens stop turning the puck over at the wrong time or in the wrong area…they will win.

Quote of the Day:

“It’s frustrating when the signs are so obvious to me and yet nobody is listening”

Marc Penner – Writer / Author – Site Expert