5 Pittsburgh Penguins Players We’re Thankful for This Thanksgiving

RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA - NOVEMBER 18: <> at PNC Arena on November 18, 2023 in Raleigh, North Carolina. (Photo by Jaylynn Nash/Getty Images)
RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA - NOVEMBER 18: <> at PNC Arena on November 18, 2023 in Raleigh, North Carolina. (Photo by Jaylynn Nash/Getty Images) /
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As we celebrate Thanksgiving this year, it’s the perfect time to highlight five Pittsburgh Penguins players who’ve significantly shaped our 2023 season.

Each member of this elite group isn’t just wearing the jersey; they’re embodying what it means to be a Pittsburgh Penguin. They’re not only impactful and reliable, but they also bring a spark of hope that lights up the arena every time they take to the ice.

Their individual talents, combined with an unwavering team spirit, are what make this lineup extraordinary. While my selection might stir up some friendly debates among the fans (and isn’t that part of the joy of sports?), my goal is to offer new perspectives, to shine a light on the nuances that make these players indispensable.

From critical game-turning plays to the sheer exhilaration of hard-fought victories, these players are more than just athletes; they’re the architects of the Pittsburgh Penguins’ triumphs. Their commitment, skill, and passion are the foundation upon which our team’s success is built.

Let’s dive in and give thanks to the keystones of our beloved team this season.

Pittsburgh Penguins
PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA – OCTOBER 30: Jake Guentzel #59 of the Pittsburgh Penguins during the game against the Anaheim Ducks at PPG PAINTS Arena on October 30, 2023 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Harrison Barden/Getty Images) /

5. Jake Guentzel: The Assist Maker

Jake Guentzel‘s prowess on the ice this season has been nothing short of remarkable. Tied for third in goals with Reilly Smith, Guentzel’s true mastery has been evident in his role as a playmaker.

Leading the Pittsburgh Penguins with 15 assists in just 17 games, his vision and execution are key factors in the team’s offensive thrust. Guentzel’s impact resonates beyond mere statistics. He’s evolved from a goal-scoring dynamo to a more rounded, playmaking force, underscoring his versatility and growing maturity as a player.

In the constellation of Pittsburgh Penguins stars, if Sidney Crosby is the Michael Jordan of hockey, then Guentzel is undoubtedly his Scottie Pippen, especially on the first line. His knack for feeding teammates reflects a strategic shift in his gameplay, showcasing a broader understanding and adaptation to the team’s needs.

This season, Guentzel has not just scored goals; he’s been instrumental in crafting them, proving his indispensable role in the Penguins’ lineup.