Breaking down what the Pittsburgh Penguins must improve in the 2024 offseason

Even though the Pittsburgh Penguins missed the playoffs this year, certain positives came to light that will help them going into the season next year for a strong offensive-minded team.
Pittsburgh Penguins will benefit from this season heading into the next season
Pittsburgh Penguins will benefit from this season heading into the next season / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

The Pittsburgh Penguins mostly had a rough season until the trade deadline, where they were able to make a push for a postseason berth. However, the team ultimately failed because of the numbers game which stemmed from the points outlook.

All in fairness though, the team is better equipped to compete harder next year which will define the likes of forwards Sidney Crosby, Evangi Malkin, and defenseman Kris Letang. To be more precise, this is a year where we will see significant improvements to the team.

For general manager Kyle Dubas and company, it may have helped develop that sense of need for the team itself and given management a fresh idea of where the improvements will be made. For a team to improve at times their weaknesses must show and be observed.

In my opinion, this is another year, when Kyle Dubas will add more traction to defense, where the problem stemmed from. Most importantly, this would help shape a team's basic need to win games and defend more consistently.

The defensive aspect of this team was the downfall and the fact that the team improved when management acquired the forwards at the trade deadline, proves that the Penguins will be ready to compete quite harder and much more determined than before.

Where the Pittsburgh Penguins management will work during the offseason

As I mentioned the defensive aspect of the Penguins was the weakness of the team; it may help develop the need to draft more defensemen during the 2024 NHL Draft and look to acquire a steady base of defense-offensive minded players in the offseason as well.

Another main aspect will be to add more scoring depth, depending on how much cap space the team will have during the offseason, not to mention, what players they will be looking to add during that time. To improve, the Pittsburgh Penguins will need to make certain trades and have a shopping list of what players to add and subtract from.

As a fan, the hope is to add more young players to the squad that will make a big difference to the team and provide more traction on that basis. It will help shape the future and provide relief to the Core Four players, who are up there in age.

To be more specific, if the Penguins' management can make a significant trade this offseason to add more young depth and acquire more youth to the team, it may be set in stone where the team will be heading. My Yinzers, this is a time not to woe, but, to be excited for the future.