Pittsburgh Penguins key to victory in the next two games

The Pittsburgh Penguins suffered a setback for a run to the post-season against the Boston Bruins on April 13. However, there are three keys the team could use to be victorious in the next two games.
Boston Bruins v Pittsburgh Penguins
Boston Bruins v Pittsburgh Penguins / Justin Berl/GettyImages

The Pittsburgh Penguins can still technically make the post-season if all goes their way, so to speak, and the best scenario would be winning the next two games and the other three teams competing losing their respective games.

For the Penguins this is the moment that will define the stars of the team and test their might of coming out and finishing strong. The aspect that this team cannot defeat the next two teams might be a little unfair, because of the recent way the Penguins have played.

The first game for the Pittsburgh Penguins will be against the red-hot Nashville Predators, who will try to ruin the Penguins push for a playoff position, much alike the second matchup in the remaining season and possibly the clinching game for Pittsburgh.

Three key aspects the Pittsburgh Penguins can look at to clinch the wild-card spot

The first aspect recommended would be the chemistry and to re-evaluate how they play as a combined unit. Though how they are playing is perfectly fine, the need would be to re-adjust the gameplay style to deter the opposing teams plan to shut down the Penguins gameplay and send them packing.

By this, I mean taking a closer look at the players who would be more predominant to score and maintain a defending module based on them, and then picking the right moments to score goals as needed to win the game from the depth assets as well as the stars.

The second aspect would be to play with the same determination that this team has come together and played with in the final stretch of the season, and maintain it integrity on-ice, which will help preserve the respect from the opposing teams.

This aspect would indefinitely give the Penguins roster and players the biggest confidence booster that will provide more traction in the final two games, not to mention, help maintain a winning habit the team has produced for themselves.

The third, but, key aspect the Pittsburgh Penguins should consider playing with

The Pittsburgh Penguins have the confidence to play with, including the determination to win games, however, the most important key factor will be the leadership the team will have to play with and the fact it possesses honorable and greatness to its roster means they will perform well.

The fact that the team can play harder and produce well with its stars and the depth associated with the roster means this team is ready to compete and play a game of hockey on two occasions, and possibly another 4 more if heading into the playoffs.

The Pittsburgh Penguins team is real and is a team that should be looked upon as a favorite to take the post-season by storm. My Yinzers, Let's Go!!