Where the Pittsburgh Penguins Roster’s Weaknesses Lie

There was a lot of speculation regarding the Pittsburgh Penguins club last year. At the end of the season, the team will have to figure out where to go from here, meanwhile, a handful of one-year signings will increase the cap space of the team.

Pittsburgh Penguins players celebrating a goal scored
Pittsburgh Penguins players celebrating a goal scored / Justin Berl/GettyImages

After observing the Pittsburgh Penguins' gameplay and season unfold, there were many areas where the team had struggled during the games they played. In one instance, the Penguins offense did not play up to its expectations, but then again, the depth was not there to support its star players and give the team a complete look on the ice.

In many ways, the Penguins team’s defense was at the center of controversy regarding the depth aspect and the fact that it did not produce as it was supposed to, to compete this past season.

The weakness in my opinion stemmed from the fact that the team’s overall look, in general, was not a polished frame to work with for the coach. Mike Sullivan has his superstars, but they even looked exhausted at times when they were playing.

To get this team going and into this year’s playoffs, they will have to muster up a new type of play and offensive game to rest assured that this team can compete well enough, where if any moves are made the players will have a certain value.

There are a handful of players that GM Kyle Dubas is impressed with and likes in his favor. Where, they will be that core to look to as this year’s season unfolds, heading into this year’s free agency.

In another aspect, the team must try to acquire more speed to its roster and physical toughness, an aspect the Penguins team lacked this year. One aspect that must be worked on is the chemistry star forward Sidney will have with his new teammates on line 1 and how the special teams will look from this point.

After a disastrous outcome this year, the best would be to look to next year’s season where the GM will have more to work with and a huge shopping list of who to acquire and look to for the ingredients to put together a Stanley Cup contender-worthy team.

This aspect would pick up the pace for the team and roster in general, given they have a Hall of Fame-worthy coaching staff and core of players that contribute well with that coaching staff to a tee.

The main idea would be to push to make the playoffs this season and see where the weaknesses lie overall, however, in my opinion, all that has been observed. What to look for now would be how the GM approaches the weaknesses and revamps the Penguin's overall look in general.

The main aspect is that Kyle Dubas and the coaching staff will be working together to muzzle out the finest solutions to the Penguin’s roster and perhaps even have a better chance of competing next year rather than this year.

This will be a defining year for star forward Sidney Crosby and the rest of the core he plays with on the Pittsburgh Penguins team. He is not to be counted out as of yet and will be the face of the Penguin’s team as remembered. His guidance and gameplay will give the youngsters not to mention the newly acquired pieces a chance to shine.

Sidney Crosby is not going anywhere, and this is his team.