Beau Bennett Recalled, What Happens To Penguins Lineup?


Beau Bennett is finally returning to the Pittsburgh Penguins. Bennett was injured during a training camp practice and has yet to play in a NHL game this season.

His latest setback was another to add to his injury riddled past. Not only has Bennett missed most of his brief three year career with the Pittsburgh Penguins, but even when healthy he has been a very streaky player.

This was supposed to be the year where Beau Bennett proved his doubters wrong, stayed healthy and consistently posted points. Well, it had appeared this was the year during preseason as Bennett looked like a new player.

Now the Penguins are looking to extend their seven game win streak tonight and Beau Bennett could potentially rejoin the team tonight. Not only could his disrupt the team’s momentum but he could force head coach Mike Johnston to sit a player who is performing well right now.

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Upon Beau Bennett’s return (whether that is tonight or during the Penguins next game) he will most likely join the second or third line.

If he joins the second line that means that hard working Blake Comeau would get pushed down and frankly, that hurts the team more than it helps the team. Evgeni Malkin and Beau Bennett has played together before and the duo clearly do not have strong chemistry. Additionally, Blake Comeau is enjoying his best season in years. Johnston should not disrupt this productive second line.

If Beau Bennett joins the third line that would most likely move Steve Downie to the fourth line and probably cause Zach Sill or Craig Adams to be scratched. While I am fine with scratching Craig Adams, it will not happen. His veteran status and experience will keep him in the lineup despite his obvious decline in play. Zach Sill simply is a younger and more energetic grinder who needs to remain in the lineup.

Regardless of where Beau Bennett plays, his return will improve the lineups overall talent level. But is that a good thing?